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How To Get More Coaching Clients: The 7 Phases of Growing Your Client Base

  How To Get More Coaching Clients: The 7 Phases of Growing Your Client Base How to start a coaching business? Building a coaching business from scratch can be confusing and overwhelming.  I’ve found that anytime I can corral my overflowing list of “to-do’s” down to something manageable like a step by step process it gets easier. It helps me because I can pinpoint exactly where I am in the cycle and then I know what I need to do to keep moving purposefully in the right direction. The most important part of starting and growing a coaching business is to get clients. I know that many of you are working diligently to become a certified life coach and even while...

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11 Quotes That Will Motivate You Today

Hey there, Listen I know we all have days when we get discouraged and wonder if all the work is worth it. Those are the days when we doubt our dreams will ever come true.  We doubt our ability and wonder if we should just give up! I believe that success comes from the many small, sometimes tiny steps, you take even when you don’t feel like doing anything.  Small acts combined with your decision and determination are the key to your success.   If you've always been curious about what it takes to become a successful life coach I've got something for you!!! I created this free report: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming A Professional Coach.  >>> Download Your Copy...

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What to do when a client asks for a refund? Seven strategies to help you navigate this situation when starting a coaching business.

Seven tried and true strategies to help you navigate an uncomfortable situation as you are building your coaching business from scratch. True story. I had a coaching client, and we were halfway through our coaching agreement.  One day, out of the blue, I received an email from him. It said, “this isn’t working out for me. I thought I would be farther along…I’d like you to send me a refund.” I was stunned, I thought what the heck? WTF? Really? How dare he? Instantly I went on the defensive and donned my battle gear. I thought about all my clients who are very pleased and swear that coaching is the thing that moved them from stuck and overwhelmed to centered...

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3 Powerful Steps Mentally Strong People Can Use To Deal With Rejection

It sucks but it’s true, building a coaching practice will be uncomfortable at times. Yes, it will also be fun, exciting and a big opportunity for freedom and a direct path for you to create a fulfilling life. But so often our fear about the word “no” stops us in our tracks. We allow it to: Hold us back from asking people if they want a sample session (even though we know coaching will help them) Stop us from hitting publish on a blog post (we worry people will judge us poorly) Stop us from increasing our prices (because we think people will say we’re too expensive which translates to “who do you think you are anyway”) Stop us from...

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Lessons Learned In Creativity: You're Never Too Old To Dance

  Today I’m writing about something a little different.  I frequently write about different strategies and approaches you can use to make your coaching business a success. I generally share lots of tips, resources and checklists to keep you on-track. But this blog is our chance to get to know each a bit better.  This post was previously published in a book, 365 Life Shifts; Pivotal Moments That Changed Everything (2017). Here’s a little peek inside my world.  I’m sitting in my parked car, it’s pouring rain and the wipers are madly flapping back and forth. It’s chilly, but my palms are sweating, and my stomach is in knots. “Why am I doing this? People are going to think I’m...

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