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From Doubt to Power: Building Confidence for New Coaches Ep 186

  From Doubt to Power: Building Confidence for New Coaches Ep 186   Description: In this episode, we delve into the importance of confidence for new coaches. Candy, your host, explores the common doubts and fears new coaches face and provides insights on how to overcome them. Drawing from personal experiences and practical advice, Listen in for a fresh perspective on building confidence in coaching and business endeavors.Highlights: 1. Addressing Common Concerns: Candy addresses common questions and fears that new coaches often encounter, such as running out of questions during coaching calls or feeling uncertain about finding clients.2. Understanding the "New" Feeling: Exploring the underlying feelings of nervousness and self-doubt that accompany new experiences in coaching and business ventures.3. The...

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The Human Touch in blending Quizzes with AI for Coaches Ep 185

  Episode Description In this episode, host Candy Motzek engages in a captivating conversation with Josh Haynam, the Co-Founder of Interact, an AI-powered tool for creating personality quizzes that generate leads. Josh shares insights into Interact's journey from its college startup days to its current status with 7,000 paying customers. The duo explores the lessons learned over the past decade, emphasizing the crucial role of building a supportive team and the significance of personal development in navigating the entrepreneurial landscape.   **Highlights:**   **A Decade of Growth:** Celebrating Interact's 10th anniversary, Josh reflects on the journey, highlighting the importance of a cohesive team and the joy of achieving milestones.   **People Over Tactics:** Josh underscores the primary lesson learned –...

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Turning Doubt into Power: Crack the Code of Reaching Goals Ep 184

  Episode 184 Turning Doubt into Power: Crack the Code of Reaching Goals  **Description:** Join me in this energizing solo episode as we explore the exhilaration of goal-setting and the common hurdles we face along the way to goal-getting. Reflect on the highs and lows of your journey as I share insights from the recent Coaching Success Circle progress review. Discover the normalcy of losing momentum and the crucial steps to take when life happens, ensuring you stay on track to achieve your goals.   **Highlights:** *Navigating the Goal-Setting Rollercoaster:* Dive into the dopamine-fueled world of goal-setting and the rush that comes with planning, only to face the inevitable twists and turns of real-life challenges.   *The Coaching Success Circle:*...

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Thriving Coach Truths: Debunking Four Myths That Hold You Back: Ep 183

    Thriving Coach Truths: Debunking Four Myths That Hold You Back: Ep 183   Join your host Candy, as she dispels common myths that often misguide aspiring coaches. In this insightful episode, Candy tackles four prevalent myths about becoming a successful coach, offering clarity and practical insights for coaches at every stage of their careers. From the illusion of guaranteed clients with certification to the crucial balance between coaching skills and effective marketing, .this episode provides a roadmap for navigating the intricacies of the coaching profession   In this candid episode, Candy shares her experiences and practical advice, highlighting the importance of understanding these myths to thrive in the coaching profession.   **Episode Highlights:** 🎓 **Myth 1: "Certification Guarantees...

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Levels of Learning Episode 182

  Episode 182: Levels of Learning Description: This concept has been a game-changer for many of my clients, especially when they're navigating uncertainties in their coaching business. I introduce the concept of the Levels of Learning, a framework that helps coaches understand and embrace the discomfort that comes with growth. Using the metaphor of learning to drive, I walk you through the four levels—Unconsciously Incompetent, Consciously Incompetent, Consciously Competent, and Unconsciously Competent—and how they apply to your coaching journey.   Highlights: Metaphor of Learning to Drive: Explore the Levels of Learning using the analogy of learning to drive, making the journey relatable and engaging. Unconscious Incompetence (Clueless): Recall the excitement of being clueless, similar to wanting to drive before you...

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