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What Is Your Perfect Coaching Niche?

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What Is Your Perfect Coaching Niche?

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You've got top training, you probably attended an icf accredited coach training program, and you make a massive difference in the lives of your clients with your coaching skills.  The only problem, you have a hard time getting traction, you get overwhelmed and stuck and then sadly you aren't making enough money to get your business off the ground.

Being a great certified life coach or a masterful practitioner is a very different skill set from being an entrepreneur.  Frankly, most really just want to help people. That’s why you got into this in the first place!!!! You don’t want to be doing paperwork on Sunday night. You want to help people get RESULTS through personal growth. So, you procrastinate when it comes time to do your billing and then when your clients don’t pay, you have the stomach turning job, of being a bill collector. ICK!!!!. 

You struggle with your business plan, your target audience, deciding what to call your business, what business cards to order, how to get and keep clients, how to manage your time and money,  and even though you know having a website is vital to your success you procrastinate and delay. The cold hard truth. Many lifestyle entrepreneurs never even make a profit. They are not business people, so they get overwhelmed with all the things they have to do to build a business and run it. Eventually, many give up on their hopes and dreams.

Honestly, I can’t think of anything that makes me more sad or angry, when many coaches who are wonderfully talented give up on their dream of a prosperous and successful business.


Don’t worry. You are not alone. There are countless brilliant people who dream of running a successful business. You’ve never done this before and it’s easy to get stuck and discouraged.

Now, Imagine you....

AND you can....

Imagine you are part of an encouraging supportive community with one on one guidance. Wouldn’t it be sooooo much easier and less stressful?