What's Your Perfect Coaching Niche?

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What's Your Perfect Coaching Niche?

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Being a great life coach, is a very different skill set from being an entrepreneur.  Frankly, most coaches really just want to help people. That’s why you got into this in the first place!!!! 

You want to help people get RESULTS through personal growth

Maybe you struggle with how to find clients, or deciding what to call your business, even what business cards to order. Then you might worry  what to do with clients once you actually have them or how to manage your time and money.

The cold hard truth, many new coaches never even make a profit. They get overwhelmed with all the things they have to do to build a business and run it. Without these skills many give up on their hopes and dreams.


Don’t worry. You are not alone. There are countless brilliant people who dream of running a successful business. You’ve never done this before and it’s easy to get stuck and discouraged.

Let me help you.

Now, Imagine you....

AND you can....

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Hear Melissa's Story

Melissa is a talented professional, she has had full and thriving careers
as an audio book narrator, performer and radio host. She thrives in the gig
economy and chose to add a coaching business to her many successes because it
is meaningful work that allows her to create an abundant financial future coupled
with time freedom.

Listen To Azia's Experience

High-achieving Master’s student starts her professional coaching

Azia is an amazing high-achiever. She decided to begin a coaching
business while still completing her 
Master’s degree. Listen to our discussion about her experience of
coaching and how she overcame fears and made huge gains as a direct result of