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How To Silence Self Doubt Ep 179


Episode 179: How To Silence Self Doubt


We’re diving into the She Coaches Coaches vault, to share with you one of our most popular standout episodes. Whether you’re a long-time listener or new to the podcast, get ready to enjoy a fresh perspective in your new listening space.

Discover how to overcome the voice of self-doubt in this empowering episode. Uncover the various names for this inner critic—whether it's the Saboteur, The Gremlin, The Judge, or simply the jerk in your head. Learn why this voice emerges and, more importantly, gain three actionable tips to silence it, allowing you to pursue your goals and dreams with confidence.



  1. Identify the Inner Critic: Learn to recognize the inner voice of self-doubt that holds you back with judgments and negativity.


  1. Names Matter: Explore various terms used for the Inner Critic and why acknowledging it as a separate entity can empower you to overcome its influence.


  1. The Evolutionary Purpose: Understand how the Inner Critic originated from our need for safety and security, and why it tends to resist taking risks.


  1. Emotional Awareness: Utilize the Thought Download process to become aware of your thoughts and distinguish those influenced by the Inner Critic.


  1. Notice and Name: Implement the Notice and Name technique to pause, acknowledge, and label the Inner Critic's influence, gaining better control over your reactions.


  1. Comfort Your Inner Critic: Recognize the good intention behind the Inner Critic's efforts to keep you safe, and learn how to comfort and reassure this internal voice.


  1. Simplicity in Effectiveness: Embrace the simplicity of these techniques—being aware, naming, and comforting—as powerful tools to combat the complexities of self-doubt.


  1. Real-Life Example: Explore a real-life example where these techniques were employed, demonstrating their effectiveness in silencing the Inner Critic and allowing for meaningful action.


  1. The Power of Awareness: Understand how being conscious of your thoughts and inner dialogue can profoundly impact your ability to pursue your goals and dreams.


  1. Empowerment in Simplicity: Embrace the ease and accessibility of these techniques, realizing that empowering yourself against self-doubt doesn't have to be complicated.

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