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Banish imposter syndrome with a SMILE Ep 178


Banish imposter syndrome with a SMILE Ep 178


Let’s dive into the pervasive issue of imposter syndrome. We define what imposter syndrome is, discuss its impact on behavior, and provide practical strategies for managing it, such as the SMILE approach—Sharing, understanding when it Makes sense, developing a new Internal script, Looking for the positive and evidence, and separating Emotions from facts.



  1. I address imposter syndrome, a common challenge faced by coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs, sharing my personal experiences of being the first or the only in various situations.
  2. Imposter syndrome as the feeling of being a fraud, accompanied by the worry that one's accomplishments are a fluke, creating self-doubt and a fear of being exposed.
  3. Imposter syndrome is incredibly widespread over 70% of people experience it at some point.
  4. Notice the impact of imposter syndrome, and how it often leads to playing small, overthinking, people-pleasing, procrastination, and perfectionism.
  5. It’s important to remember to share imposter feelings, breaking the silence, and realizing that many others face similar challenges.
  6. The SMILE approach as a strategy for managing imposter syndrome, with each letter representing a key step, such as Sharing experiences and looking for positive evidence.
  7. M is for "Makes sense" component encourages individuals to recognize when feeling fraudulent is a reasonable response, especially in situations where they may stand out.
  8. I is about developing a new Internal script, involving becoming consciously aware of internal dialogue and shifting thoughts to change emotions related to imposter syndrome.
  9. The "LOOK" step encourages individuals to look for positive aspects, high standards, and evidence of past achievements to counteract imposter feelings.
  10. Emphasizing the separation of Emotions from facts, I recommend questioning automatic thoughts through journaling and reflective questions to gain awareness and take back control.

This insightful episode provides not only an understanding of imposter syndrome but also actionable strategies for you, as coaches and entrepreneurs, to overcome it and thrive in your endeavors.

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