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New To Working At Home? 8 Tips To Help You Stay Productive.

  So, you’re working from home now. Welcome to the club, I’ve been doing this for close to 12 years now. I remember when I first started as a remote worker…. I thought “Ah this is the life, I don’t have to wear a suit and heels”, then before I knew it I had slipped into a bad habit, my work and my life had all blended together. One day.  I looked in the mirror at 5 pm and my hair was standing on end and I was still in my pyjamas. Trust me, it’s not the best look for a corporate leader.What about you?  Are you working at home now with the COVID-19 outbreak?  Are you trying to work...

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How To Choose Your Word Of The Year

  My word for 2020 is collaboration. I believe that when we work together when we collaborate and build a triple win, we can create a bigger change than I can ever do on my own. A triple win means my partner wins, I win, and our clients and the community also wins. We have fun, we leverage our skills, resources and our hearts. I’m amazed at the power of how choosing one word, one essence can transform your life. Ever since I set my intention, I’ve had such amazing opportunities literally fall into my lap. Within one month I was a guest on 3 podcasts, taught 2 masterclasses, I’ve been invited to a guest interview for a magazine and I’ve enjoyed facilitating collaborative vision...

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What's The Value Of A Goal?

  Have you seen the movie Eddie The Eagle? [keep reading for a holiday GIFT ] 🎁🎁🎁 It’s based on a true story about an English ski jumper who made it to the Olympics. In it, Eddie, a goofy clumsy guy overcomes incredible odds to reach his goal of becoming an Olympian.  It’s the story of the regular guy whose only qualifications are a big dream, passion and the ability to keep getting up every time he falls down. Even though he comes in dead last, he is still a hero. It’s kind of like starting a business, sometimes it goes well and we think “this is it! It’s working!” and other days we think “why bother, it’s never going to happen anyway”. And when I...

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A Gentle Approach To Reducing Distraction

A Gentle Approach To Reducing Distraction The other day I popped onto social and asked, “what surprises you the most about working from home?” Well, my DMs were filled with how easily you get distracted when you work from home.  I’m no different. I’ve been there, where I thought “wait a minute I’ve been working all day…why haven’t I accomplished anything?  I can soooo easily fall into distraction too and I’m always experimenting with ways to make it easier. Here’s the latest thing I’ve found that has been surprisingly helpful.  It’s super simple and deceptively easy.  Drum roll, please…….🥁🥁🥁 Put your phone on greyscale. 📱☎📱 Yup, that’s it. I found this by accident and thought I would give it a...

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This One Practice Changes Everything: Your 10-Minute Morning Routine

This One Practice Changes Everything: Your 10-Minute Morning Routine   It’s December 2019 and my inbox is full of emails that say ”not to scare you  or anything but it’s December and the end of the decade!!!!!!” “…what are you going to do in the last month of the whole decade to make it meaningful?!?!?!” The message is, you’ve got 30 days left until the deadline. It’s GO TIME and you need to HUSTLE HARD to reach your goals. Really? I hate feeling rushed. When I'm rushed, I feel irritated and grumpy. What about you? Does the extra pressure help? My guess is a big resounding NO. I know that my thoughts create my feelings and my emotions drive my actions. And ultimately my actions create my results….my life. I look...

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