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About Me

I spent years as a senior leader in “corporate" and as an engineer and then I decided to make a change and do something I loved.

I am a passionate life and business coach for coaches. 

I coach brilliant successful people to gain clarity, grow in confidence and take action on what matters most to create a successful and profitable Lifestyle Business.

"I’ve made tons of mistakes and I can help you avoid them on your entrepreneurial journey. I’ve worked with small businesses and I’ve built 9 successful businesses over the past 20 years.  Now you don’t have to repeat the same mistakes the vast majority of new coaches make. Join me to choose the smart route and leapfrog over those painful lessons. I believe that coaching and wellness are vital for our world and I am committed to your success. Truly, you’ve got a big dream and the world needs your dream to come true!!! "

Candy Motzek, B.A.Sc. (Engineering), CPCC, PCC

If you want to reach me directly send an email to:


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