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About Me



Hi Coach! I’m glad you found me.

 My clients say that I have a superpower for helping coaches gain clarity, grow in confidence, and take action to build a successful coaching business.

Getting the foundation right is crucial. Everything you’ll do to launch successfully — website, social media, client enrollment — stems from having a clear and confident framework.

If I were starting my coaching business now, I’d skip the generic DIY programs that leave you wondering how to implement what you’ve learned. To save time, money, and heartache, I’d go straight for personalized, hands-on support.

If you’re tired of trying to figure it all out on your own, let’s talk. There are three ways I can help you best, to find out more go to this page >>> Work With Me.


How did I get here... mentoring coaches?

The usual way. Passion and dedication.

I spent years as a senior leader in corporate and as an engineer before I followed my passion to help brilliant, successful people like you create profitable lifestyle businesses. After launching my own coaching business, I quickly realized that many coaches struggled with the business side of things. They needed more than just skills; they needed guidance, a clear path, and support.

So, I dedicated myself to helping coaches with the business side of coaching. I launched Step Into Success Now to provide personalized coaching tailored to each coach’s unique journey.

Because it doesn’t matter how great a coach you are if no one knows about you.

Let me show you how to gain the clarity and confidence to attract your ideal clients and build a thriving coaching business. When you have a clear vision and a step-by-step plan, wonderful surprises come your way!

You get noticed, become known, and suddenly, you’re the go-to person for the unique transformation you provide.


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