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It's Impossible Unless... Ep 180


It's Impossible Unless... Ep 180


Hey, wonderful listener! In this episode, I’m throwing down a challenge for you—let’s break free from playing it safe with small, sensible goals. I want you to dream big, to step into the realm of the seemingly impossible. We’re shaking off past disappointments and identifying that one stretch goal that could truly transform your life. Join me in this empowering exercise as we suspend disbelief, explore the "impossible unless" concept, and unleash your creative thinking for those audacious dreams.


  1. Ever noticed how we often settle for small, sensible goals? Let’s change that and embrace dreaming big, stepping into the unknown.
  2. I know there’s a spectrum of feelings about goals—from those who love challenges to those who find it disappointing. Where do you stand?
  3. Pause with me and identify that one stretch goal that could be a game-changer for you, whether it’s in your personal life or your business.
  4. Grab your journal and join me in exploring the feelings associated with acknowledging and claiming your seemingly impossible dream. How does it feel for you?
  5. This isn’t about a detailed plan; it’s about allowing yourself to dream, to feel that desire for something that might seem impossible. Now, let’s dive into the "It's impossible unless..." concept for your dream.

I wrap up this episode with a reminder that allowing yourself to dream isn’t just for goal-setting—it’s a powerful tool for problem-solving and working with clients. So, what audacious dream have you been telling yourself is impossible? Dive into this exercise, and let’s see how it opens up new perspectives for you.

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