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Getting a Good Night's Sleep Leads to Business Success

  I bet your day, like mine, is filled to the brim with information, action and distraction. Building a coaching business means you need to be a master of juggling, prioritizing and “getting things done”. When you combine this with the need to be present on social media and ‘all things digital’ it’s a recipe for exhaustion and failure. It wasn’t too many years ago that people lived in sync with the cycle of the sun and the seasons. Your body evolved to live in harmony with nature and you need a good night’s sleep to stay healthy, productive and focussed on your business goals. If you put in long hours coaching and building your practice while you still juggle...

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Six Steps To Winning The Battle With Your To-Do List

  Today we’re talking about To-Do Lists. Some people love them, others hate them. Hardly anyone is neutral on this topic. I know it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the things on your to-do list. I get it. Building a coaching business isn’t easy and at times it can feel like a real uphill battle. I know what it’s like, every day I’m continually adding things to my “to do” list too. At the end of most days, my list has grown. In the past, I found it so frustrating, because it felt like I was forever chasing and never getting ahead! If I’m not careful I can waste more time looking at all the things I have to...

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