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Find Your Voice Emmy Wu Ep:044



Episode 44: How To Find Your Voice And Express Yourself Comfortably And Authentically On Camera With Emmy Wu


Episode Description

In today’s episode I’m joined by Emmy Wu, of Emmy Wu Media.

Emmy is a video storyteller. She focuses on authentic connections, more than gimmicky trends. And because videos, shouldn't just be pretty shots that she's stuck together. She has a story with a laser focused message that converts your viewers into raving fans and lifelong customers. And when you know what you do, but you're not sure how to translate it into video. That's where she comes in. She helps her clients translate what they do into a strategy that people love.

So you can reach more people. You can empower more lives and enrich the world.

She also comes complete with two decades in the film industry. She says that she's rubbed shoulders with brands like Paramount Pictures, MGM Subaru and Real Housewives. And she brings big screen worthy storytelling to your business. Now, when I looked at this at first, I thought, huh, how can this conversation, work for my listeners? How can it help you best?

So she is going to help you with some of those very first steps that I hear over and over. We're going to talk a little bit more today about speaking and overcoming the fear of getting on camera and the fear of being visible. Plus, she's got a really interesting twist on archetypes and how to leverage them in a way that suits you best.

We talk about specific strategies you can begin using to start finding your own voice and showing up on video in a way that connects deeply to your audience.  We also speak about your fears of getting on camera and being judged and we give you some step-by-step hints to overcome this common fear because you have a message the world needs to hear.


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