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How Can This Be Easy?: Episode 45


Episode 45: How Can This Be Easy?

It’s so much fun, a I started recording this episode I was looking at the mini float outside my window.

For those of you who are new to me. I work in my she shed. It’s a little house in my backyard and I have a view of water, farm field and the mountains. We’ve created (or I should say my husband Peter) has created an oasis in the back yard. It’s green and we’ve got all kinds of wildlife and birds. Well, we’ve put a mini float out in the water and we fill the tray on the float with duck food a few times a day. There are 2 sets of mama ducks with their babies swimming around. They hop up on the float and I get to watch the ducklings eat. First thing in the morning when I walk out to my she shed the moms and babies are waiting for me. It is so much fun.  I sent an email to my community with a link to a video I took earlier today showing them the ducks in action.

If you’re not on my email list….well you should be! I share tips and support and I’ve got more behind the scenes stuff coming over the next few weeks and months. I’ll put the link to sign up in the episode notes. I would love to see you there.

Now let’s talk about today’s episode

If you’re listening, you’re probably a go-getter and you’re used to doing whatever needs to be done to reach your goals.

Are you used to hustling, pushing and striving to get to the next level?

It can be exhausting, but we (notice that word we???? I’m learning this too). We’re used to the idea that we have to struggle to be successful. We are willing to do whatever it takes, but the assumption is that whatever it takes will be hard, it will be a challenge and so we assume we always have to work hard.

And we’re ok with that. 

But this is an assumption. A thought that has grown into a belief

And we’re used to believing this thought. We just assume it’s true.

So we never look for another way. We never step back and look at what we do and how we create with fresh eyes

Let me ask you this. what if there’s an easier way?

Would you be up for it? Or would you feel kind of weird, like somehow you’re cheating because you’re not hustling.

Even though we’re working on something we enjoy, something that’s meaningful, we hustle we are often making the next step and everything in our life harder than it needs to be.

Hear me, being willing to do whatever it takes is different than always having to do it all perfectly. It’s different from it always having to be a challenge. It’s different than having to do everything AND MORE.

So let me say this again,

We assume we have to work hard to succeed. We think – (in quotations) “that’s just the way life is”. But this is a belief – it’s not 100% true.

I’m not saying don’t work hard, and that we’ll never have to work hard. But that’s different than always working way harder than we need to.

Can we actually learn a different way? Yes, we sure can.

Start by acknowledging,  realizing that this is a thought…..and not a 100% truth is the first place step. Remember just because you think it doesn’t make it true.

Do you know people who have gotten a promotion, built a business, got another degree, reached their goal weight, raised their family and it was relaxed, fun….even easy?

I do. 

See with that one little example. I know people who have achieved something and some, or all of it, was easy 

That means there are times when it can be easier. It’s proof that at times it can be easy. And probably in my case any way…many times when it could have been a lot easier than I made it.

What about you?

Can you think of people you know who are exceptions to the “you have to struggle and work hard to be successful” rule?

I thought you might.

So now you know it’s possible there are times when it could be easier.

We’ve taken the blinders off.  So now what do you do?

Well, it starts with one simple question.

And you combine that question with curiosity.  An openness to ideas.

The question:

How can this be easy?

The question is simple, deceptively simple.

Simple and elegant and powerful.

So often we think it has to be complex for it to work. That it’s complicated and we have to get all the details just right or we’ll keep spinning in circles.

This works in all areas of our life, but today let’s hone in and talk about specifically about coaching.

Here are some things coaches want.

Coaches want to sign clients. 

Coaches want freedom.

Coaches want to make a positive impact, to improve the world.

Coaches want to spend more time coaching and less time staying busy doing “all the other stuff”.

So, if you’ve been working hard and not getting much momentum.

Or if you’ve been spending hours planning and creating and scheduling things on social, try this instead. 

Be curious and ask yourself.

How can this be easy?

Or even

How can this be easier?

And then sit back and answer the question in your journal.

Now, give it some time. You’re not going to be a master at finding an easier flow the first time.

Ask the question and then answer it for yourself.

Your brain loves to solve problems, it’s designed to solve puzzles…..asking it this question gives it a problem or a puzzle to solve.

So ask, and expect an answer. In fact, expect lots of answers. 

If you brain gets a little “confused” or hesitant it’s just putting up a small bit of resistance.  It’s ok, take a minute and relax, breathe, and ask again. 

When your brain gives you some answers. Don’t stop at 3, sit with the question for awhile and let your creativity flow.

Come up with 10-20-30 ways to make it easier. 

Once you’ve primed your brained it will come up with all kinds of ideas.

Write them all down. Don’t judge your ideas, this is a time to brainstorm. No idea is a bad idea No idea is a stupid idea. Once idea will lead to another and then another…and pretty soon you’ll find a brilliant idea.

Sure some of them will be silly, stupid, impractical according to your logical judgy mind.

But this isn’t the time for sifting, sorting, judging when you’re in the brain storm place. 

Once you’ve got a big list, then go back through the list and see what might work. Even ask yourself of all these ideas, which looks like the most fun? Which one would I like to try?

Give yourself free rein to try these new ideas.  Choose one or two and give it a try.

See what happens, see what shows up. Allow it to be easy.

Then evaluate, did that work? Do you need to adjust? What are you learning? What will you do next to move yourself closer to your goal?

Here’s an example of how I’ve used this approach.

In the past couple or weeks, some of my clients have “graduated” so I have a couple of open spots in my calendar.

Now normally, I would plan a big formal training or a launch a 5-day challenge.

Then I would design it, write it, create the presentation, advertise it and do all the back office work.

But this time I sat back and asked myself. How could this be easy?

 And as I sat there, I intentionally stayed in a place of curiosity and a feeling of open possibility. 

And I jotted down idea after idea. 

Then… one particular idea showed up. It was easy idea – and it sounded like fun…. I would write to the email who have signed up for my emails,  every day for 30 days to help, support and encourage them. If that’s you, I’m doing this to support and encourage you.

Then I could invite you to work with me. Just like I’m doing right now.

Do you see what I mean? It’s not complicated, it’s simple and easy.

I decided I would just try that one idea….then I’ll see what happens. Now as I’m recording this  I’m six emails in to this 30 day and I’ve got so many people responding.

So every day I sit and I write a note. Some are long, some are short. 

Now those of people who answer. Some are just saying hi. Some are answering my questions and giving me other interesting things to think about.  

But here’s the thing people are responding, and my calendar is filling up! 

See what I mean, simple. 

Simple works. 

I’d love to hear from you. 

Will you try this approach? 

Tell me how it goes.  

Hey, I so appreciate that you’re here as part of my community and I hope you’re applying this stuff too. I hope that these practical podcast episodes help you and support you to start building a coaching business and sign  clients. 

And if you want more help, maybe you resonate with how I speak and what I share, and you want to work with me. Then we should talk. 

So, if that sounds like you and you want to make faster progress, you’re eager to get your first paying clients and get my help along the way click the link to book a call. 

And we’ll decide if we’re ready to work together. 

Alright, that’s it for today. I’m so appreciative that you spent this time with me.

I’ll be back to talk with you next week.


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