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What’s The One Thing All Successful Coaches Know? (Hint, They Know Exactly What Problem They Solve.)

  How to Choose Your Most Profitable Coaching Niche Hi, Today we’re going to talk about choosing your niche. It can be confusing knowing exactly where to start when building your coaching business from scratch.  But choosing a coaching niche is one of the big steps you must take to grow a wildly successful business. I’m writing this because I’ve noticed that many new coaches need help setting their business up. They are caring, well-trained coaches, who want to make a difference, but very few schools provide much support, about how to start and grow a profitable coaching practice. Truly, you can only be a successful and profitable coach if you have clients. I get it, I know that sounds...

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A Day In The Life Of An Entrepreneur

    I want to have an honest and open chat with you today. Let’s cut through the BS right now, being an entrepreneur and building your coaching practice from scratch is hard. Yes, it can be incredibly rewarding, but no matter how good the good times are, there will always be the tough times too.  Someone once told me that being self-employed and building a successful coaching practice is completely possible and doable, but it’s also one of the fastest paths for personal development. So, even though we know it’s tough, we still choose this adventure.  Depending on where you are on the roller coaster you’ll probably have a laugh about this graph.  It looks familiar, doesn’t it 😊?...

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How To Have a Powerful Coaching Session – Step 1: Ask Great Questions

    Last week I was at a coffee shop with a few other coaches and the topic of powerful questions came up. Collectively, there were more than 25 years of coaching experience at that little table, and yet, even as experienced coaches, we were all still curious how we can improve our coaching and the results for our clients. When I left this meeting, I remembered what it was like when I was a new coach. I was secretly worried that someone would want to coach on a topic that “I couldn’t handle” and that I wouldn’t know what to say. I was nervous I would freeze up and not have any idea what to ask to keep the...

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The Number One Enemy To Your Success

  Did you know? You’re in an EPIC battle against your #1 enemy in life => Self-doubt. What is this #1 enemy stopping you from enjoying?  A thriving coaching business? More clients? Freedom? Love? Money?  Family time? Can you imagine what life would be like if you knew how to manage that self doubt and feel better about yourself? I recently watched one of the Dove ads. It reminded me how often we can be really mean and nasty to ourselves. You can check it out here, it’s a real eye opener I’ve noticed over the years how many of the brilliant coaches that I coach, hold themselves back when we first start working together. They put a lid on their...

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How To Avoid The Biggest Mistake New Coaches Make

    I work with many new coaches as they create and grow their business from scratch. One of the biggest mistakes I see them make is to call themselves as "just a life coach". Here’s why and what do to instead. You’re a coach intent on growing your coaching practice. You would love to quit your day job and be an entrepreneur. You know there’s freedom and autonomy over on that side and that’s you want. You really want to make a difference in this world. So, you’re doing everything you can to grow you’re coaching practice.     If you've always been curious about what it takes to become a successful life coach I've got something for you!!! I created...

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