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Follow Through Mande John Ep:060



Create Anything By Learning How To Follow Through With Guest Mande John.  

Episode Description

In today’s episode I’m joined by my client Mande John. Mande is a life coach for ADHD Moms. We talk about her journey to becoming a coach, her transformation and growth.

This episode is for anyone who has always wondered, "Is it possible for me to change how I experience my life and overcome my resistance to creating the life I want?” Listen in and discover how Mande has grown as an individual as she became a coach.

We talk about our experiences with coaching and how it has positively impacted our lives and the lives of our clients. Through coaching we can learn to create good habits and that help with ADHD. Using simple coaching tools we can shift perspective and adjust our thought processes to focus on the present moment. When you clearly see how your thought patterns are preventing you from retaining information, and then learn to let go of those thoughts, we can with practice get better at retaining the information we need to improve our learning.

We discuss how coaching is an act of service and how it can help people find their calling in life. We believe that coaching is a way to serve others and make a positive impact on the world and would encourage others to become coaches (or at least learn coaching skills) to experience the life-changing benefits that come with it.


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