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The Motivational Triad Ep:046

  The Motivational Triad Ep:046 Hey Friends, How are you? I’m so glad you’re here and welcome to my world. Today we’re talking about The Motivational Triad. This theory was originally put forward by Dr. Douglas J. Lisle and Dr. Alan Goldhamer. I think it was in 2007 Before we dive in – I wanted to share a little something you probably don’t know about me….because well why not. You’re here listening and I think it’s a good time for us to get to know each other a little bit better. You know how this works “coach goes first”.   So here goes, I’m a huge introvert. I know that might seem strange because here I am speaking to you each...

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How Can This Be Easy?: Episode 45

  Episode 45: How Can This Be Easy? It’s so much fun, a I started recording this episode I was looking at the mini float outside my window. For those of you who are new to me. I work in my she shed. It’s a little house in my backyard and I have a view of water, farm field and the mountains. We’ve created (or I should say my husband Peter) has created an oasis in the back yard. It’s green and we’ve got all kinds of wildlife and birds. Well, we’ve put a mini float out in the water and we fill the tray on the float with duck food a few times a day. There are 2 sets...

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How To Find Your Voice With Emmy Wu Episode 44

    Episode 44: How To Find Your Voice And Express Yourself Comfortably And Authentically On Camera With Emmy Wu   Episode Description In today’s episode I’m joined by Emmy Wu, of Emmy Wu Media. We talk about specific strategies you can begin using to start finding your own voice and showing up on video in a way that connects deeply to your audience.  We also speak about your fears of getting on camera and being judged and we give you some step-by-step hints to overcome this common fear because you have a message the world needs to hear.   Featured on The Show:  Click here to find out how to work with me Emmy Wu: Website: Instagram: Emmy...

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Are You Meant To Be A Life Coach? Ep:043

  Episode 43: Are You Meant To Be A Life Coach? Hi there, welcome to She Coaches Coaches. I’m so pleased you’re here. Today we’re talking about a question that people often ask themselves over and over before they decide. It’s this question: How do I know if I’m meant to be a life coach? Or put another way. Is being a life coach right for me?  Now, before I dive into answering this question it let me share this review with you.  It’s from The People Gardener and here’s what they have to say …Candy has a fabulous ability to ask good questions...the lifeblood of coaching! She’s personable, positive and powerful.  Way to go Candy and wish you so much...

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Your Uniqueness Is Your Genius With My Podcast Coach Michelle Abraham Ep:042

Episode 42: Your Uniqueness Is Your Genius With My Podcast Coach Michelle Abraham In today’s episode I’m joined by podcast coach extraordinaire, podcaster and international speaker Michelle Abraham.   We talk about how coaches, even new coaches, can host their own podcast and it’s easier than we think. She reminds us that we are here on this earth to share our message. We can all be fulfilled in what we're doing, and podcasting is one of the best ways to exercise your voice. Remember your uniqueness is your genius.  Featured on The Show:  Click here to find out how to work with me AmplifYou Episode 81: Behind the Mic with Candy Motzek of She Coaches Coaches Featured on this show: Michelle...

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