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Do People Really Pay For Coaching?

Do People Really Pay For Coaching? Who pays for life coaching? This is a question I’ve heard from people who are thinking of becoming a coach. You may have done some research and looked at some certification programs, and you’ve started to dream a little about how wonderful it sounds.. You may even be wondering how to start a life coaching business. This article will help! Inevitably someone close to you will say “No one pays for coaching. Just because you see it on social media doesn’t mean you can build a business or a coaching practice!!!! Who are you kidding, that’s just a pipe dream.” It’s like they’ve splashed a big bucket of cold water on your face and...

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3 Myths About Becoming A Life Coach

  3 Myths About Becoming A Life Coach Today I’m doing some myth busting. My goal is to give you all the information, mentoring and support you need to become successful and to help you start a coaching business. Myth #1 Once you’re trained …clients will just show up at your door. Here’s the truth, you can be the best in the world and if you don’t market your services effectively you will have no clients and no successful coaching business. People will not be beating a path to your door. You have to go out and intentionally find and attract your clients. The skills you’ve learned are valuable and people would gladly want your help, but if they can’t...

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Does anyone know you are open for business?

If you’re a new coach or a coach who wants more business what’s holding you back from taking the next step to get paying clients? I really want to know, does anyone know that you are open for business? Does anyone know you are looking for clients? Or are you the world’s best-kept secret? It can be scary showing up and inviting new clients to work with you. It’s sooooo much easier to work on your branding, re-write a blog post or organize your office. But sometimes, you might realize that all you’ve been doing is dusting reorganizing and polishing everything to perfection. But you haven’t pulled up the blinds, turned on the lights and turned on the open sign...

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Eliminate This One Word From Your Vocabulary

Are you curious to find out what the word is?  Just Think about it. How often do you sabotage yourself with this qualifier? Many of us, especially women, use the word “just” to soften the meaning of what we are stating. When you use the word just to describe who you are, what you do or to clarify your choice it devalues your abilities, your skills and shrinks your impact. Here’s an example. Read this sentence: I would just like to say that I feel that women undermine their credibility time and time again by using minimizing language. What do you notice? Using the word “just” and the phrase “I feel” undermines the writer’s own opinion. The writer appears to not...

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3 Quick Steps To Combat Overwhelm

Are you overwhelmed with too many things to do? Do you feel frazzled and too busy to even think? If that’s you, it’s time to take a breath. You’re not alone in feeling this way. I’ve felt the same way too in the past, and while you’re reading this there are probably many other people out there who are in the same boat. So, what do you do after you take a breath? Three things. 1. First, instead of pushing it away and mentally beating yourself up, admit how you’re feeling. The easiest way to process this is by writing in a journal.  Start with a brain dump. Vent all your frustrations onto the paper. The act of getting it...

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