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Do's and Don'ts For New Life Coaches Part 2 Ep: 020

Hey friends, Welcome to Episode 20 of She Coaches Coaches. I’m so glad you’re here.   The heater is blaring behind me here, it’s winter, dark and wet outside as I write this for you. If you’re listening to this in December just after I finished recording, I want you to know we’re in this together. The She Coaches Coaches community is weathering both the winter and our current pandemic.   Despite all that’s going on the world you can still become a successful coach. People need coaches, they need help to change their life, and some help even understanding and getting clarity on what’s working and what’s not.  You are in the perfect place right now, becoming a coach is one...

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Do's and Don'ts For New Life Coaches Part 1 Ep: 019

Hey friends, Welcome to Episode 19 of She Coaches Coaches. I’m so glad you’re here.   Today’s episode is part 1 of a 3-part series that I’ve created just for you. I’ve been a coach for a bunch of years, and I can’t think of anything I would rather do. I love coaching and in fact, I found that I love coaching more every single week. Every time I get off a zoom call with one of my private clients, I feel so fortunate to work with these amazing people.  Over the years, I’ve been part of many Facebook groups and I’ve seen the advertising from the gurus who want to tell you how to start your coaching business, how to...

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The 5C Confidence Cycle Ep: 018

     Welcome to Episode 18, The 5C Confidence Cycle for New Coaches How are you doing? It’s the time of corona and I know some of you are doing well. All of you are doing your best with these changing stressful, worrying times.  I’m so glad you’re here and I hope that when you tune in and listen to me that I help you feel just a little bit better. You guys know I record these episodes in my bedroom closet. But what you don’t know is that before I start recording I have a little ritual, I send up a prayer asking that my words reach you and help you. I ask to be a clear channel of...

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Consistency Is Key Ep: 017

Episode 17: Why Consistency Is The Key To Helping You Grow Your Coaching Business Faster and More Easily  Transcript Hey Friends, How are you? I’m glad you’re here and welcome to Episode 17. Today we’re going to talk about consistency.  This is kind of a weird topic because it feels hard, so we don’t want to go there. But I’m going to tell you why consistency is probably THE MOST Underrated quality for coaches and entrepreneurs.   Let me what this little bit about my days first ok? I love telling you about my day to day because, it helps me to feel like we’re a bit better connected. My goal with this podcast is to be an inspiring, empowering voice in...

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Four Types Of Action Ep: 016

Episode 16: The Four Types Of Action Transcript Hey Friends, How are you? I’m glad you’re here and welcome to Episode 16 The Four Types Of Action.   Today before we dive into the topic I wanted to share with you something that I love. I don’t know why I do, but I’ve got to be honest and tell you how much I love hummingbirds. Here in Vancouver Canada we get hummingbirds all year long. I’ve got three different feeders with sugar water hanging up outside my house and my she shed.  These little birds are forever zooming around and drinking from the feeders. This morning I had two on one feeder at the same time. If you don’t know anything...

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