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A Gentle Approach To Reducing Distraction

A Gentle Approach To Reducing Distraction The other day I popped onto social and asked, “what surprises you the most about working from home?” Well, my DMs were filled with how easily you get distracted when you work from home.  I’m no different. I’ve been there, where I thought “wait a minute I’ve been working all day…why haven’t I accomplished anything?  I can soooo easily fall into distraction too and I’m always experimenting with ways to make it easier. Here’s the latest thing I’ve found that has been surprisingly helpful.  It’s super simple and deceptively easy.  Drum roll, please…….🥁🥁🥁 Put your phone on greyscale. 📱☎📱 Yup, that’s it. I found this by accident and thought I would give it a...

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This One Practice Changes Everything: Your 10-Minute Morning Routine

This One Practice Changes Everything: Your 10-Minute Morning Routine   It’s December 2019 and my inbox is full of emails that say ”not to scare you  or anything but it’s December and the end of the decade!!!!!!” “…what are you going to do in the last month of the whole decade to make it meaningful?!?!?!” The message is, you’ve got 30 days left until the deadline. It’s GO TIME and you need to HUSTLE HARD to reach your goals. Really? I hate feeling rushed. When I'm rushed, I feel irritated and grumpy. What about you? Does the extra pressure help? My guess is a big resounding NO. I know that my thoughts create my feelings and my emotions drive my actions. And ultimately my actions create my results….my life. I look...

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Are You A Gold Star Student?

    What Is A Gold Star Student? Oh, you’ve met her before. She’s really nice, and smart too, she always does her homework and often sits in the front row smiling at the teacher, because she’s keen and she wants an A+ to go with her gold star.  I’ve been that kid, the one who wants the A+ with a gold star for good behaviour. If you’re one of the gold star crew this email is for you. It’s easy when we are kids, we are socialized to be nice, to be compliant, agreeable and to help others.  Sometimes, we do this to fit in, even when it’s at the expense of our own opinion, feelings and self-care. School...

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Some Quick Tips To Reduce Distraction

  Want to know a little secret?  I often suffer from SOS. This deadly (🤣🤣🤣) disease of the online entrepreneur is also known by its full name, Shiny Object Syndrome, and it runs rampant through our community. Here’s what my desk looks like when I’m not careful: Pieces of paper with half-written notes everywhere including on the floor. Colourful post-it notes on the wall beside me .A stack of books and journals. 2 pens, 4 highlighters and 5 brightly coloured gel pens . 10 tabs open on my computer (including Facebook, Pinterest, my calendar and 3 documents I’m trying to write at the same time!)  .4 empty cups 🥤My phone vibrating and pinging constantly Can you relate? Or is it just me???? I love working on my business AND I have to be...

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What Do Cliff Diving and Online Business Have In Common?

What do cliff diving and online business have in common? Do you ever watch cliff divers? Or do you watch the high divers in the Olympics? The champion divers stand with only their toes touching the board and their back facing the pool. Completely still Poised and ready to go.I love watching these divers. I am in awe of their power and grace and I can only imagine the countless hours spent training for that one moment.And then I watch them takeoff. They spin or somersault and finally form a perfect arrow to pierce the water. It’s an amazing work of art.Nothing at all like my REAL WORLD experience. 🤷🏼‍♀️When I was a kid, I spent most afternoons at the local pool. We would swim and splash and play for...

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