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How to make money as a coach

  How to Make Money as a Coach. Here Are 17 Ways You Can Make Money As A Life Coach.   When you research how to become a coach, do you assume you will only be doing private, one on one coaching to start and grow your coaching business? I know when you learn coaching skills, you spend a lot of time doing one on one coaching. So, it’s normal this is the first option you think of when considering how to grow your coach business. You may not have realized there are many other great options. I find one on one, private coaching very rewarding and effective but I also discovered, through experience, that if I coach more than...

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The Essential Checklist You Need To Start Your Successful Coaching Business

   The Essential Checklist: How To Start A Life Coaching Business How To Become A Life Coach    This is one of the most frequent questions I get.  How do I start my coaching business from scratch? Or I’m overwhelmed, how to do I start in becoming a life coach?  I've created a free checklist you can use so you don't miss a step. >>> Download Your Checklist <<<     If you start to feel overwhelmed about all these steps remember that as you start a business many of these steps you only ever need to do once! #1: Take training from a reputable school and consider becoming a certified life coach. Check out this blog post on how...

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The Essential Guide to Starting a Coaching Business: What To Do When Business Is Slow

      Hey there, There are times in every successful entrepreneur’s life when their business is slow. Maybe you’re not getting more clients as quickly as you would like or maybe you’ve stalled. No matter the reason, you want to get things moving.  Here’s a list to help you, bookmark it and refer to it anytime you need some inspiration on how to get out of a slump. Attend an Event In person is best. Put your phone away and get out from behind your computer to meet some new people. I bet some of the people you meet are your target audience. Read a Good Book Read a good non-fiction book. Some of my current favourites are: Start With...

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5 Characteristics Of A Great Life Coach

What Are The Characteristics of a Great Life Coach? 5 Qualities of A Good Coach   Have you always secretly wanted to be a life coach? A ton of people say, “Oh (insert wistful voice), I wish I could do that. I wish I could do what you're doing. I've always wanted to be like you and have a coaching practice.” In this article, I’m giving you a straight answer about what it takes to be a coach. This isn’t the type of blog you normally read on social media. The coaching industry is still a new and growing profession.  Personal development coaching has only existed for 20 years. And since it’s so new, there are many hopeful people who...

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How To Become A Life Coach. Five Secrets For Success.

    Last year I attended a live event, The Entrepreneur Experience, in San Diego where there were more than 450 inspiring smart, and powerful entrepreneurs in all phases of their business. When I say all stages I mean some people are just starting out with an idea and others have moved well past the $500M in sales/year. The presenters were Amy Porterfield, Marie Forleo, Jasmine Star and Tarzan Kay all experts in their own right and I was honoured to be able to see them in person. Learning and growth are important, here are five of the key perspectives I took away and will take to heart. I know they will help you too. 1. The people you look up...

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