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What to do when a client asks for a refund? Seven strategies to help you navigate this situation when starting a coaching business.

Seven tried and true strategies to help you navigate an uncomfortable situation as you are building your coaching business from scratch. True story. I had a coaching client, and we were halfway through our coaching agreement.  One day, out of the blue, I received an email from him. It said, “this isn’t working out for me. I thought I would be farther along…I’d like you to send me a refund.” I was stunned, I thought what the heck? WTF? Really? How dare he? Instantly I went on the defensive and donned my battle gear. I thought about all my clients who are very pleased and swear that coaching is the thing that moved them from stuck and overwhelmed to centered...

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3 Powerful Steps Mentally Strong People Can Use To Deal With Rejection

It sucks but it’s true, building a coaching practice will be uncomfortable at times. Yes, it will also be fun, exciting and a big opportunity for freedom and a direct path for you to create a fulfilling life. But so often our fear about the word “no” stops us in our tracks. We allow it to: Hold us back from asking people if they want a sample session (even though we know coaching will help them) Stop us from hitting publish on a blog post (we worry people will judge us poorly) Stop us from increasing our prices (because we think people will say we’re too expensive which translates to “who do you think you are anyway”) Stop us from...

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How To Get Coaching Clients Series #3 - 7 Proven Strategies To Get Clients In The Next 30 Days

  How To Get Coaching Clients Series #3 - 7 Proven Strategies To Get Clients In The Next 30 Days Welcome to the third post in my blog series that shows you How to Get More Clients.  If you missed the first two you can go back and read them here and here. In this instalment, we’re going to talk about some of the more basic, proven ways to get paying clients. These methods are very effective, especially with newer coaches. But before we go any further, if you haven’t read the first two blog posts in this series I highly recommend you check them out before you read further. They walk you through the most important mindset shifts you...

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How To Find Your Perfect Niche

  Take the easy Coach Niche Finder Quiz Hey there, I created this fun new quiz to help you choose your best coaching niche.  It only takes 3 minutes to complete and it will give you powerful information on how you can begin to specialize. I’ve designed it to assess your interests and skills and compare them to the most popular coaching niches. When you choose your most profitable coaching niche it will help you to as you build your successful coaching business. Check it out below:   Powered by  

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Everything I Needed To Know About My Business I Learned From My Garden

  Today, let's talk about a new way to think about your business. A way that will help you through the tough times, when you’re working like crazy, but it feels like you’re not growing fast enough. It’s going to help you manage your self doubts and feel better. Building a business is tough! It’s the fast track to personal growth and it’s so easy to get impatient! All over social media you see coaches saying they are earning "big money". So how come it’s so difficult for you? Do you feel alone and wonder if you missed the boat? Yes, I hear this a lot, you are not alone in this feeling. If you’re starting out, and really any...

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