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7 Ways To Sign Clients In 30 Days


How To Get Coaching Clients Series #3 - 7 Proven Strategies To Get Clients In The Next 30 Days

Welcome to the third post in my blog series that shows you How to Get More Clients.  If you missed the first two you can go back and read them here and here.

In this instalment, we’re going to talk about some of the more basic, proven ways to get paying clients. These methods are very effective, especially with newer coaches.

But before we go any further, if you haven’t read the first two blog posts in this series I highly recommend you check them out before you read further. They walk you through the most important mindset shifts you need, to prime you for success and they show you all the basics you need to welcome a consistent flow of high quality paying clients.


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In the fourth instalment, we'll talk about some long-term strategies for getting more clients and how to retain clients.

Before we dive in I want to be clear, just because something appears simple doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly effective. So often we assume it must be complicated to work. Nope, that’s just not true. I’ve personally used each one of these strategies and they all work effectively. The key to making each a success is consistent action.

In a nutshell, every method of finding clients to easily build a profitable coaching business can be boiled down to these six steps.

6 Business Building Steps:

Step 1: Go where your ideal clients are (both on and offline)

Step 2: Offer service and provide value

Step 3: Tell them what you do and show them how it works

Step 4: Build a relationship

Step 5: Ask for the business (you may need to ask more than once)

Step 6: Coach your clients and help them get awesome results

Write these steps out and post them in your work area. As you look at the proven client getting strategies below, and the ones in the next instalment of this series, reflect on how each of these key steps are used. With this information and the right mindset, you will be able to attract a steady flow of well paying, enthusiastic clients just waiting to work with you.

7 Proven Ways To Get Clients

Next, let's look at these 7 proven ways of getting clients. Notice how each of these proven approaches uses the 6 Business Building Steps outlined above:  

 1. Referrals.

Do sample sessions with all your friends and family so they understand what coaching is like and can they can see the advantages for themselves. Then ask them, who do they know that could benefit from coaching. A referral is a great ‘warm” method for finding clients. 

Reach out to the new person that’s been referred to you and invite them to experience a no pressure sample session. 

Once you have a new client and they’ve started to get results make sure to ask them for referrals too to keep developing your business. 

The best people to ask for referrals are the ones who have experienced the full benefit of your work. You could even offer an incentive if you feel it’s appropriate.

2. Reach out to people who are already in your circle.

Make a list of everyone you know and send customized emails or DM to all the people that already know, like, and trust you. They are the easiest ones to ask would like to give coaching a try.

Don’t limit yourself with this, think back to the people you may know even from 5 years ago, you can even do a search on social media..

The key is to write a genuinely heartfelt and personalized note and connect/reconnect with them. Explain what you’re doing and ask them if they would be interested in speaking further or even trying a sample session.

If they’re not interested, they might connect you with someone from their network who might be a good fit for you.

Use a methodical approach, plan to send 1-3 emails each and every day instead of trying to tackle 500 customized emails in one week. Keep track of which ones you’ve sent and plan to do a friendly follow up a week later if you haven’t heard back. Since people are so busy, this friendly follow up will help to bump you back to the top of their inbox.

3. Contribute in Facebook groups or forums where your ideal client spends time.

Start by making a list of relevant groups. Carefully check them out. Which are the groups that are active, where you feel you could add value? If there is no interaction you won’t be able to make much impact so move on. Select 2 or 3 groups with high engagement to focus on.

Next, schedule a standard time in your calendar to participate. Block off 15-30 minutes each day, or a couple of times a week, where you go into the group and be an active participant. Set a time so you don’t get sucked into the social media black hole. Your goal is to focus on your business and contribute .... not watch funny cat videos. 😉

Add value consistently. Answer questions. Be active, helpful and generous. Proactively offer tips to help others accomplish their goals.

The more you do this consistently, the more opportunities will present themselves to move the discussion beyond the group and into a private exchange.

4. Network With Other Coaches

Connect with other coaches, and even go as far as to join a local networking group.

You do not cover every aspect of coaching, and they don't either. If you make the right connections, you can start referring clients to each other.

Your strengths are their weaknesses, and what they hate, you may love. It's a win-win!    

5. Attend in-person events.

This can be a conference, class or industry social.  Put your phone away and get out from behind your computer to meet some new people face to face.

Create a list of where people hang out offline. Look for conferences, meetups, in-person meetings and training sessions.

Be sure to choose the type of events that your target audience would attend.

When you attend these events, go with a goal to meet people and see how you could help them. Be crystal clear on the results you help people get and how they can hire you.

The more you focus on what you can give and how you can help, the more opportunities you will get to build your paying client roster.

6. Do Some Volunteer Coaching

Volunteer coaching helps you improve your coaching skills and many organizations offer an honorarium to the coaches. It’s not a lot of money, but you are getting paid to grow your skills and level of experience.

Plus, volunteer coaching gives you a chance to gather some testimonials you can leverage as you grow your practice.

7. Create Joint Ventures With Other Coaches

Don’t see other coaches as competition.  When you believe that a rising tide raises all ships it primes you to create awesome, fun and profitable joint ventures. 

Create joint venture workshops, webinars, retreats, events and programs you can work on together where you get to use and showcase your skills and talents and the other coaches get to do the same. This is a smart strategy for small business owners to find potential clients.

Learn from other coaches and share your advice with them.  Let them know your area of expertise and refer to them when there is a fit. 


I’m curious, which of these 7 ways are you going to try to increase your lead generation and find people this week?  Let me know by pressing the “message us” button in the bottom right corner.

I hope you’re learning lots and putting these ideas into action. Next week we’ll dive into the final post of this series with another 7 more advanced methods of getting more paying clients so you can grow your business and put it on automatic.

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