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The Human Touch in blending Quizzes with AI for Coaches Ep 185


Episode Description

In this episode, host Candy Motzek engages in a captivating conversation with Josh Haynam, the Co-Founder of Interact, an AI-powered tool for creating personality quizzes that generate leads. Josh shares insights into Interact's journey from its college startup days to its current status with 7,000 paying customers. The duo explores the lessons learned over the past decade, emphasizing the crucial role of building a supportive team and the significance of personal development in navigating the entrepreneurial landscape.




  1. **A Decade of Growth:** Celebrating Interact's 10th anniversary, Josh reflects on the journey, highlighting the importance of a cohesive team and the joy of achieving milestones.


  1. **People Over Tactics:** Josh underscores the primary lesson learned – the pivotal role of people in the success of a venture, emphasizing the need for collective support and a positive team culture.


  1. **Navigating Ups and Downs:** The discussion touches upon the unpredictability of business, stressing the importance of resilience and focusing on consistent improvement rather than fixating on external factors.


  1. **AI as a Smart Translator:** Josh provides a nuanced perspective on AI, viewing it as a powerful tool, particularly in streamlining repetitive tasks, allowing entrepreneurs to conserve valuable brainpower for more strategic endeavors.


  1. **Personalized Quizzes for Deeper Engagement:** Exploring the innovative use of quizzes, Josh shares insights into the emerging trend of highly tailored quizzes, taking personalization to a new level. He discusses the potential for businesses, coaches, and brands to connect more meaningfully with their audience by addressing specific needs and interests.



Featured on This Show:

Josh Haynam

Josh is the co-founder of Interact, an Ai-powered tool for creating personality quizzes that generate leads. He started Interact in college with two friends back in 2013 and has grown it to a team of 13 people with 7,000 paying customers.




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