How To Find Your Perfect Niche



Take The Easy Coach Niche Finder Quiz

I created this fun and free niche finder quiz to help you discover and choose your best coaching niche.  It only takes 3 minutes to complete and it will give you powerful information on how you can best begin to specialize. Use this helpful niche finder tool o find out if you're best matched as a life coach, health coach, relationship coach or business coach among the many options.

I’ve designed it to assess your interests and skills and compare them to the most popular coaching niches. When you choose your most profitable coaching niche it will help you to as you build your successful coaching business.

Instead of asking "What is my niche" click below to get started to get some guidance.



Why do you need a niche?  It's a good question!

Most people have no idea what a coach is, or how a coach can help them.  When you choose a niche, you're placing a stake in the ground to declare that you specialize in helping people reach certain types goal or overcome a certain type of problem.

For example, maybe you have a talent and passion for working with up and coming executives, or you're interested in working with men who want to lose weight and gain muscle. Whatever your talent, there is more than likely someone who would want your help....if they knew you could help them. 

Your potential clients are walking around all day thinking of their problems. They are listening to the WIIFM radio station (What's In It For Me).  It's only when they understand that coaching with you could be the solution to their problem do they sit up and take notice.  A niche helps you to position yourself as a potential solution. 

 There are many kinds of life coaching niches and business coaching niches amongst many others, use this free quiz when you're trying to figure out how to find the perfect niche for you and your business.


Once you've taken the quiz I highly recommend you get a copy of this free report.  147 Proven Niches for Your Coaching Or Wellness Business.

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  • Reese Evans

    Really, good stuffing. Thanks for sharing your tipes for choosing perfect niche.

  • Grove Brenda

    People believe they know their niche without getting the facts🧐

  • Dorenda Wicker

    Thank you for this helpful information.

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