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What do the most magnetic people have in common?

You know what I mean, some people are truly magnetic. At first glance they might not have anything in common, perhaps one person is outspoken and opinionated, and another speaks thoughtfully and quietly. Or one person always creates a safe space for others and people are drawn to them and another takes the road less traveled.


Well let me tell you. The most magnetic people know who they are and accept and appreciate their own gifts and then they use those gifts in every aspect of their life. In this case, being a coach.

When you are truly authentic you are magnetic. 

That little bit of magic is your coaching superpower, aka your archetype. Archetypes are unconscious patterns and ideas that have universal appeal and make you “magically” stand out. You could be the Royal, Sage, Hero or Creative…any one of 12 truly exceptional archetypes!
One of the fastest and most effective ways to feel purposeful and walk your own path without looking for outside validation is to embrace being yourself, the best part of yourself. 

Be you, only better.

 When you learn about your unique coaching superpower, the thing that most highlights your gifts, talents and skills you will gain clarity and learn how to leverage your innate strengths in all areas of your life.

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