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Lessons Learned In Creativity: You're Never Too Old To Dance


Today I’m writing about something a little different.  I frequently write about different strategies and approaches you can use to make your coaching business a success. I generally share lots of tips, resources and checklists to keep you on-track.

But this blog is our chance to get to know each a bit better.  This post was previously published in a book, 365 Life Shifts; Pivotal Moments That Changed Everything (2017).

Here’s a little peek inside my world. 

I’m sitting in my parked car, it’s pouring rain and the wipers are madly flapping back and forth. It’s chilly, but my palms are sweating, and my stomach is in knots. “Why am I doing this? People are going to think I’m crazy,” my inner voice chatters. Finally, I draw on my courage and walk into class.

It’s my first ballet class, something I’ve dreamt of for years. But I’m 42, and my dance mates are barely 13. They are beautiful, graceful young ladies, I am short, round and ‘mature’. Class starts, and we each step forward, place our left hand on the barre and prepare. The first exercise in every class is always plies. Deep bending of the knees while moving in time to the music. I forget my embarrassment and concentrate. Everything in ballet is hard work with lots of sweat. My teacher says ‘there is the easy way and the right way. If it’s easy, it’s not ballet” I struggle to coordinate my posture and to get my hands, arms, legs, feet and head to synchronize. But then the music speaks to me, dredges up emotions, and in that instant, I am spirit.  This timeless connected feeling is why I am here.

Weeks pass, and somehow, I commit to taking an exam. I practice relentlessly at home, in the office elevator, and countless hours with my ever-patient teacher. Finally, exam day arrives, as I walk into my 30-minute ballet solo, the examiner politely stifles a laugh. Surprisingly, I’m confident because I know I’ve earned this time. This is my performance, the only chance I will ever have for this unique expression. Later, I hear that she is motivated to begin dancing again with her friends.

It’s many years later, and I still dance. I dance because I’m alive. This creative expression feeds my soul. Every class, every performance is different. I’ve danced to heal from grief, illness and burn out. Most of all, I dance for the creative joy and somewhere along the way I’ve transformed from a woman who takes dance classes to a dancer.


What I didn’t include in this published piece, that I’ll share with you here are four things specifically.

1. No matter how old we are, our Inner Critic can hold us back if we allow it.

I think about how much my life has been enriched by dance. Both the act of dancing and the friendships I’ve made along the way. If I had allowed my inner critic to hold me back I would have missed out on so much fun and connection.

2. Each of us has a creative spirit.

In my case, I’m not an artist who paints or draws, but I am creative. I realized in mid-life that dance and music are my muses.  What is your creative gift? It could be cooking, growing plants, how you use language or the way you connect with your friends and family. Find your creativity and cultivate it.

3. It takes courage to share something close to your heart.

It’s easier for me to talk about strategies than show you around inside my world. I know that if you’re reading this, you too have things you feel nervous about sharing. I hope this blog is a little reminder that what you say and how you feel has a place in the world. In fact, I believe we all need to share our voice, our hopes, dreams and quirky bits.

4. Make time to do things you love to do.

It can be easy to say, “I always wanted to do that” “or “I’ve been meaning to get back doing that hobby that I love…but somehow I’m always too darn busy.” It is crucial if there is something you are longing to do that you create space for this joy and vitality in your life because these are the things that make life fulfilling.

Until next time.






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  • Sophia

    Hi Candy
    This message had me all over the place. It deeply resonated with me. 5.40 am GMT London. Thanks for sharing.



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