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How To Thrive As A Coach: Your Questions Answered Ep 202


Episode 202: How to Thrive As A Coach: Your Questions Answered

Episode Description

In this episode, we dive into a live Q&A session where I address some of the most pressing questions from aspiring coaches. From understanding the balance between dream and dread clients to establishing your niche and boosting motivation during challenging times, we cover it all.

Tune in for insightful answers and practical advice to help you thrive in your coaching journey.


  1. Balancing Dream and Dread Clients: Strategies to determine whether to accept clients who may not be your ideal match.
  2. Defining Your Niche: Clarifying the difference between your target market and your niche.
  3. Starting Without a Website: Tips on how to effectively use social media platforms before investing in a website.
  4. Gathering Client Feedback: Methods to obtain testimonials and feedback from clients, even when they are unresponsive.
  5. Maintaining Motivation: Techniques to stay driven when client recruitment is slow, including the importance of connecting with your "why."
  6. Ownership Mindset: Embracing full responsibility for your business outcomes to drive continuous improvement.
  7. Client Experience: The importance of helping potential clients understand the value of coaching through firsthand experience.


 Questions Answered

  1. Do you take on clients who are far from being your dream clients?
  2. How do you define a niche versus a dream client?
  3. When should a new coach invest in a website?
  4. How can you effectively gather feedback from coaching clients?
  5. What strategies can help maintain motivation during slow client recruitment periods?
  6. What are some of the best ways to handle free coaching sessions and follow-up?

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