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One Degree Changes Everything Ep127


One Degree Changes Everything Ep127

Hi, I’m so glad you’re here. This is another of episode I recorded in Mexico. As I plan this episode, I’m sitting out here on the deck admiring the view. I can see the ocean in the distance and there’s a slight breeze so it’s not too hot.

This morning I found this tiny butterfly, she was about an inch across, 2-3 centimeters, and she was bright blue.  She was sitting there relaxing on the ground. I picked her up (on a spoon and put her on a flower). Plus, there is an amazing bright red iguana sitting in the tree suntanning. It’s so much fun. 

I feel so fortunate to spend this time somewhere warm when it’s cold and rainy back home.  Hope you are enjoying your day too.

Ok let’s dive into this week’s episode.

Have you been working and working and working at building your coaching business?  

Do you fee like becoming a coach is an uphill battle. Somehow you thought it would be easier and faster.

I know there is no crystal ball to tell you exactly how long it will take, or what precise steps you need to take to go from start up to fully booked as a coach. But I do know that sometimes it’s easy to feel discouraged and doubt yourself, and maybe even wonder if it’s ever going to happen for you.

If that sounds like you, I recorded this episode with you in mind.

Let me tell you a quick story to get us started. I remember in Grade 9 science class we did an experiment. We used a Bunsen burner a few test tubes, water and a thermometer.

We filled the test tubes with just the right amount of water and then started to heat it. 

Now here in Canada we’re on the metric system so we measured that temperature and wrote down the numbers and the time of the measurement.

We started at 70….then we heated….and got to 80 then eventually 90 degrees….and nothing happened. Well sure the temperature was going higher but nothing seemed to be happening with the water….then 95, 96 98 99 and then at 100 degrees the water began to boil and turn from a liquid to a gas…..all that heat, all that energy all that effort and nothing but then with the change of one degree everything changed.

We did the same experiment cooling as well and again water went from liquid to ice with the shift of one degree.

That one tiny powerful degree made all the difference.

So for you and your coaching business. You might be working away feeling worried frustrated and impatient….and then one extra small shift and everything changes.

It’s such a tiny step  - just one little step and the results are dramatic. Water to vapor, water to ice….from a few clients and struggle to fully booked. 

I want to encourage you to keep going it because you might be one degree away…right now!

So now I’ve got a question for you. 

What would be possible if every day you wake up, fill yourself with possibility and make a one-degree shift?

I’m asking you that question. 

What would be possible if today you, fill yourself with possibility and make a one-degree shift?

What one degree shift would you make today?

Do you KNOW what your shift is?

My guess it, it’s the thing that popped into your mind, yes it can happen that fast.

It might be:

- something to do, maybe even something you’ve been putting off

- something you are going to stop doing

- a new thought that you will remember and integrate into your belief

- the feeling that this is possible.

Because it really is.

So many coaches quit too early. If you decide you’re in it for the long haul and keep going, grow your awareness, shift your thoughts and feelings I promise you it will happen.

I know how easy it is to forget this. But I’m here to remind you that one degree made all the difference on the outside (that when water turned to vapor or water turned to ice) but you had to do the work, to get there.

And so often that work is the inner work or how you think and feel. When you think “better” you will feel “better” too, and then the things that you do will have such a different effect!

Remember when you’re discouraged or disappointed, you might be just like that water in the test tube, one more degree and you will transform into air.

I’m glad you’re here listening to me… and now I want to hear from you.

What did you learn from this episode?

Post a screen shot of this episode and tag me @candymotzek. Tell me what you learned and what you’ve changed to make it easier and more fun for your potential clients to find you and get your help.

And if you want even more help, maybe you’ve had enough of trying to figure it all out on your own or taking hours and hours piecing together a solution by going to the googles or watching YouTube videos.  Then we should talk about how we can work together.


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