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4 big time wasters Ep:059


Four big time wasters that hold you back from becoming a successful coach. Episode 059

Hello friends, welcome to this episode of She Coaches Coaches.

How are you doing?

This is one of the episodes I’m batching some episodes so that I can work ahead, I’ve got some big plans that I’m creating for you AND by recording a bunch of episodes at one time it gives me time to focus and get really productive on some new projects I’m working on. 

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Ok that’s it for updates now let’s dive into today’s episode.

There are four common sticking places where coaches often get stuck. 

Be warned, some of this episode is going to be a little bit of tough love, but I’m being honest with you from my perspective. And because I know there are clients out there waiting for you, when you spend time on the fiddly stuff, I know (in my heart) that you’re just holding yourself back because you’re nervous. 

We all get nervous; you get nervous and so do I. 

Every time we’re doing something new it’s a stretch and your brain is trying to keep you safe, trying to keep you from making a mistake and trying to keep you from taking a risk.

Today’s episode is about action, and I encourage you to make some decisions. You’ll know if you want this to be the little push you need to stop procrastinating and second guessing yourself. 

Here are the four most common time wasters I see new coaches make

Time Waster #1 Getting Stuck On This Question: What should I call my business or what should I name my business? 

You might be thinking this is really important. Let me straight with you. It’s not. If you’ve spent more than a week wondering if it should be your name, the perfect business name. 

This is what I hear: 

Should I call my business: A purposeful life dot com Or The purposeful life dot com?

Should I call my business: Purposefully fulfilled and core values dot com?

Or Your purposefully fulfilled mission dot com?

Or should I use .ca, or .org or. guru instead?

If this is where you’ve spent days and weeks, you are spending your time in an area that will never create clients and will not move your business forward.

Honestly, no one cares what your business name is.

I always recommend using your name, don’t use a fancy title.

That’s a mistake I made, and you’ll see my website at Step Into Success Now dot com.  But I also have candy motzek dot com forwarded to that domain. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Learn from my mistakes.

If you really don’t want to use your name, I suggest you try your first name and coaching. For example, or 

It’s simple, easy to say and easy to spell. Then create your social media platforms under the same name.

Simple, right? Ok if you’ve been second guessing for awhile, e this episode and make your decision now. 

Go now and register your name as a domain name and use it. 

Then send me a DM and celebrate what you’ve done.

Time Waster #2 Spending Days and Weeks Trying To Answer This Question: How much should I charge?

This is your business and I know you want to get it right. But there is no perfect amount to charge your first paying clients, there is only the number that you decide to charge.

On FB in some of the online coaching groups I see people searching for clients for $10 per session. They’ve chosen this number because they’re feeling desperate and unsure of themselves.  They need clients, either they need them for a certification program or because they don’t think anyone will pay them for coaching. 

There is a market for every price, and I mean every price.  If you haven’t invited anyone to be your client because you don’t know how much to charge, it’s time to decide. 

You’re going to choose a number today! I know choosing a number might make you feel like throwing up. You don’t need to do any more research. Your time is now, and I know you can do it.

All these decisions that seem insurmountable when you’re just starting out drain your energy. When you worry about how much to charge or what to call your coaching business it drains you and leaves you so much less energy to create clients and to coach people.

Let’s get you moving and doing the thing you want to do! 

So, now it’s your turn. Choose a number that feels reasonable.

Don’t choose a number that you will resent after the first couple of coaching calls.

You’re a trained coach with a lifetime of experience and you bring value to your clients. 

So, choose your number. 

What is it? 

Look in the mirror and say it to yourself.

How does it feel? 

Will you feel resentful coaching for such a tiny amount, or do you freak out and think “no one will pay me that”

You may need to tweak it until you can look at yourself in the mirror and pretend that you are actually saying it to a potential client and feel….ok. 

 It might sound something like this: 

“Yes, if you’d like to work together my package is $500 for 6 sessions.”

You may need practice it to feel at ease.

If some time has passed and you’re still feeling icky, spend some time with your journal and describe the value of coaching. What’s the result of someone coaching with you? Go back and listen to Episode 55, What is The Value of Coaching? If you need some help answering this question. 

How long have you been putting this decision off?  Today can be your day, pause the audio and decide now. Put this decision behind you.

Ok, have you decided? Good for you.  If you haven’t decided yet, give yourself no more than 48 hours to make the decision and hen be proud of the progress you’ve made.

Time Waster #3 Endless Searching For The Perfect Answer To This Question: Do I charge by the session or charge by the package?

This is another common worry. Again, you’re a high performer and you’re used to having it all together. This may be the first time you’ve have your own business.

I bet you have no problem planning and running projects, approving budgets and purchase orders for thousands of dollars and here you are second guessing whether you should charge by the session or create a mini package. 

Pause for a second and remember who you are! If you can find your sense of humour – find your perspective and have a little laugh.

I know I had to remind myself like this when I first started, I had all these questions and worries too, but then I remembered I used to prepare and run budgets in the millions of dollars and here I was trying to figure out if I should charge for one session at a time or six.

If you’re still unsure, let me tell you the answer is always create a package.

The value in coaching is not something that you can measure session by session it’s cumulative. Some people will grow fast, others will get stuck after a couple of sessions. Your role is to decide what will help them best. 

How long do you think? 6 sessions, 8 sessions. 10 sessions. You get to decide. 

Plus, it’s way less administrative work for you. You don’t want to spend more time sending invoices and tracking payments. You’re a coach, let’s get you spending most of your time coaching and having an impact. 

Time Waster #4 Worrying About The Details: What social media platform should I use, or should I use them all????

You’re a coach. Coaches coach their clients. Yes, there are lots of coaches who do a wonderful job of creating clients by engaging and connecting using social media.

We forget social media is a tool, it’s not the end in and of itself. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have; it doesn’t matter whether you get zero likes or 10 likes on that post.  What matters is that you use the TOOL to reach your client.

And if you hate social media, you don’t have to use it.

I recommend less time, posting randomly on social and more time posting simply, consistently and sharing content that actually talks to the people that you can help.

As a new coach, your goal is to get your first paying clients. This first hurdle, the one where you move from just dreaming and learning how to be a coach to becoming a PAID coach is a milestone. Let’s get you over that hurdle as quick as possible.

If you want to create paying clients, so you can coach them and help them you only need to do a few things

You only need to 

Talk to people and (talk)

Find out how you can help them and (listen and think)

Then offer to help them. (invite)

Did you notice none of these steps say social media? 

Don’t get me wrong, social media can be a very important component of your marketing plan.  Budget your time wisely, if you’re spending more time creating memes and graphics than you are on these three steps, you might be spending too much time in an area that is not creating clients just yet.

I highly recommend you choose one platform. Constrain yourself. Choose a platform where the people you know (and the ones you would like to coach) spend time. If it’s LinkedIn, go with LinkedIn. If it’s Instagram, go with Instagram. 

Specialize on this one platform.  Once you get good at it and you are building your business then you can branch out to other platforms…. if you want to.

Alright that’s it for today – let’s wrap it up

The four places new coaches often waste their time are:

  1. What should I call my business or what should I name my business?
  1. How much should I charge?
  1. Do I charge by the session or charge by the package? 
  1. What social media platform should I use, or should I use them all????

I so appreciate that you’re here as part of my community and I trust that you’re applying this stuff too. If you haven’t made these decisions, go back, rewind, make them today. Don’t let them hold you back from becoming a paid coach who helps their clients.

And remember I want to hear from you, send me a DM with ideas for future episodes and I’ll dedicate the episode to you and give you a shout out too on social.

My clients are go-getters, and many of them wanted to become a coach for weeks, months or even years before they got started. If this is your time sign up for my free resource library. The Coaches Online Business Academy, there’s lots of free help waiting for in there right now.

The link is in the episode notes waiting for you to sign up for free. 

And if you want more help, maybe you want to work more closely with me. Click the link in the episode notes to find out how to apply to work with me.

I’ll be back to talk with you next week.

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