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Be Interested with Rhonda Delaney Ep:040


Episode 40: Be Interested! How Caring Is Essential To Powerful Leadership and Coaching with Rhonda Delaney

Today’s episode I’m joined by podcast host and speaker Rhonda Delaney. 

Rhonda is a leadership coach and speaker and let me tell you a bit more about her and why I’m having her here today.

She talks about the most wonderful combination of true leadership, and cultivates leaders to build teams of raving fans.

 So many of the skills Rhonda teaches, came from the way she was as a leader. How many of you are used to leaders being separate, cold, business like…….but here’s what’s the most powerful. Leaders who care, deeply care about the people in their lives, their teams, their peers…. All of it.

This is one of the best fixes for business…caring and Rhonda is a woman on a mission to teach and remind us of the importance of caring and of love.

As you listen to this episode, listen deeply, and notice the incredible similarities to coaching and how we as life coaches, health coaches, business coaches and relationship coaches, any kind of coach can use these leadership skills to empower our clients to create the transformation they are dreaming of.

This is all about LOVE and IMPACT.  A powerful combination.

You’re going to love this conversation.

We talk about leadership from a new perspective, and how strong leadership and powerful coaching skills are aligned. Learn how ‘being interested’ is a pre-requisite to caring and how caring, deeply caring, for your clients, team, peers can transform your life, work and business. Plus, take my fun new ‘Find Your Coaching Superpower Quiz’. The link is in the show notes.  

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