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5 Questions To Shift How You Think

5 Quick Questions That Will Change The Way You Think Today

One of the most valuable things about having a coach is when they ask you a question that makes you pause and really think.

A strategy you can use to get a similar result is self-inquiry. Essentially, ask yourself the right question....and take the time to thoughtfully answer too. 

This is important because the questions and answers that flow through our brain become the thoughts that create how we feel. Our emotions directly influence the action (or inaction) that we take.  And our actions create our results. 

Let me say that again in another way.

The thoughts we think actually create our life.

Since our thoughts are so important I would like you to think about how have you been speaking to yourself lately?

Do you speak kindly? Have you been encouraging? Or have you been mean to yourself? Is the voice of your inner critic loud? Do you berate yourself each time you make a mistake, or do you give yourself the benefit of the doubt as you would a friend?

All-day long you speak silently to yourself. There is a part of you that believes every word.  This is why it's important to answer these types of questions so you can consciously create new thoughts and build a more inspiring and fulfilling life as a result. 


1. What truly matters to you, right now?

When you know what really matters, it makes it so much easier to set your priorities. You'll know when to "say no" and what you want to embrace.

2. What do you need to stop thinking or saying to yourself? 

We need to learn to be one of our own cheerleaders and treat ourselves with more compassion.  What is a common thought you have when you look at yourself in the mirror, or when you walk by a store window? 

Choose to reframe that thought into something constructive. Find something that you appreciate about yourself. 

3. Where is life asking you to step up?

Life is a gift, and it is always asking you to step forward into something more exciting. What's on your "someday" list?  Have you been putting it off for years already? That dream has been given to you because it's meant to become a reality. Make a small start today. 

4. Who would you be and what would you do in your present life if you stopped worrying about what other people think?

I bet you're a creative whiz at something. Or you have some amazing talent. Why keep it under wraps by trying to be the proverbial round peg in the square hole.

It's time to care a little less about other people's opinions and enjoy yourself a little more. 

5.  When was the last time you witnessed an unexpected kindness? What can you do to be a little kinder than normal today?

Kindness and compassion are everywhere. Sometimes we forget to look for them.  Witnessing these random acts of kindness reminds us that life is good and people are kind.  And that my friend is the basis of a happy life.

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Which of these questions resonated with you?  Share your comments below.

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