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Do What Matters - The Big Rocks Exercise
Do What Matters - The Big Rocks Exercise

Do What Matters - The Big Rocks Exercise

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This Big Rocks Exercise is a reminder to us all to stay in touch with our priorities and to devote time and energy to what matters or we will fill our lives with meaningless busy work.

It's a simple, yet profound exercise that you can use for yourself or with your clients.

Contained in the guide is

-The "Big Rock Experiment" Story

-A step-by-step guided approach to how to do the exercise complete with questions and prompts

-A printable diagram of the clear jug that your clients can complete I

Give yourself 20-30 minutes to complete this exercise with your client.

Use this exercise whenever your client is

-feeling overwhelmed,

-or they believe they have too much to do and don't know where to begin.

-when they are feeling discouraged and that somehow their life isn't moving in the direction they had hoped.

This exercise can be revisited a few times per year or at the start of a new life chapter.

Where can this be used:

  • With your private clients
  • With yourself to grow and develop
  • As part of a group program
  • Workshops and seminars

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