Your Future Self-Visualization
Your Future Self-Visualization

Your Future Self-Visualization

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Your Future Self-Guided Visualization

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The Future Self Guided Visualization with Workbook is a powerful tool to help you connect with your most positive future self. This guided meditation takes you on a journey to meet your future self and gain insight into your goals, dreams, and aspirations. The accompanying workbook provides exercises and prompts to help you integrate this experience into your daily life and create a plan to manifest your future self.

- Guided visualization audio recording
- Accompanying workbook with exercises and prompts
- Accessible online
- Suitable for all levels of meditation experience

- Connect with your most positive future self and gain insight into your goals and aspirations
- Create a plan to manifest your future self and bring your dreams to life
- Develop a deeper sense of self-awareness
- Accessible and easy to use, with the option to listen to the guided visualization and complete the workbook at your own pace.


This Future Self Visualization is a powerful exercise to connect with your most positive future.

 This recording is in 3 parts:

The first part, where we are now is the introduction.

The second part is the guided visualization

And the third part guides you through the journaling questions where you will describe your experience.

Use this visualization over and over to connect with the most positive future you have and then use that connection to grow and reach your goals.  

Where can this be used:

  • With your private clients
  • With yourself to grow and develop
  • As part of a group program
  • Workshops and seminars

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