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15 Ways To Use the Wheel of Life
15 Ways To Use the Wheel of Life
15 Ways To Use the Wheel of Life
15 Ways To Use the Wheel of Life

15 Ways To Use the Wheel of Life

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15 Ways to Use the Wheel Of Life in Your Coaching Business

Unleash Your Coaching Journey!   

In this guidebook, I outline exactly how to use The Wheel of Life exercise one of the most useful coaching tools to use in all areas of your life. Plus, I've expanded on this technique and added 14 additional  ways to use the wheel, including sample powerful questions you can use when to use these tools and techniques and PRINTABLE PDFs 

Include the Wheel of Life in your welcome pack as an initial assessment tool and to help your clients with finding balance and goal setting.

Whether you’re a new or more experienced coach you will find the 15 Wheels are a useful way for you to add variety to your coaching sessions. They will come in handy when you’re feeling stale or even when you feel stuck with ways to support your clients in their personal development.

The 15 Wheels are:

1. The Wheel of Life
2. The Wheel of Progress
3. The Meaningful Goals Wheel
4. The Deep Dive Wheel
5. The Wheel of Big Goals
6. The Wheel of Decision
7. The Wheel of Stress Relief
8. The Wheel of Difficult Situations
9. The Wheel of Happiness
10. The Skills and Knowledge Gap Wheel
11. The Relationships Wheel
12. The Wheel to Overcome Self Doubt
13. The Wheel of Self Care
14. The Wheel of Emotions
15. The Wheel of You

I’ve included printable pdfs at the back of this workbook that you can use as you deliver great coaching and become more effective as a coach.

Product Description: The Wheel of Life is a powerful coaching tool that helps clients assess their current level of satisfaction in different areas of their life. This guidebook and printable set provides 15 different ways to use the Wheel of Life in your coaching business, from goal setting to identifying limiting beliefs. Each method comes with step-by-step instructions and printable worksheets to help you guide your clients through the process.
- 15 different ways to use the Wheel of Life in coaching
- Step-by-step instructions for each method
- Printable worksheets for each method
- Suitable for both new and experienced coaches
- Helps clients gain clarity and focus on their goals
- Provides a structured framework for coaching sessions
- Can be used with clients at any stage of their personal or professional development
- Saves time and effort in creating your own coaching tools and resources


Note: This workbook and printables are for use only in your own personal coaching business. You may NOT share with these with other coaches or businesses.

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