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Your Wildest Self Isn’t Who You Think They Are With Katelyn Harper

 Your Wildest Self Isn’t Who You Think They Are With Guest Katelyn Harper

You are wild.

Deep beneath the ideas and expectations about who you’re supposed to be lies the real you, the wild you. And they’re calling you to come home.

You may be thinking, “Not me! I’m quite tame, thankyouverymuch. I’m in bed by 9:30. I like my soft, cozy reading nook and my chamomile tea.”

I like mine too. I would never try to take your favorite simple pleasures from you.

I want you to realize that your Wildest Self is not who you think they are.

Over time the term “wild” has somehow come to mean dysregulated, loud, bold, aggressive, unsafe. I think it’s high time we dropped this definition in favor of a much truer one.

Because in reality, truly wild things spend most of their time in a state of deep peace.

Here’s something that might come as a shock to you: your Wildest Self is your most ordinary Self.

You find them in stillness, joy, laughter, curiosity, those moments in between moments when you forget to perform yourself and simply exist as you naturally are.

Rewilding (becoming wild again) isn't about checking off a set of personality traits or behaviors, it's about dropping the checklist altogether and letting yourself be exactly who you are in the world.

Loving yourself is celebrating yourself in private, rewilding is celebrating yourself in public. Let that beautiful freak flag fly.

Being yourself important work. We're all wild on the inside. And I bet there's someone out there just waiting to see you be brave and go first.

When we’re present in our body, following our wild nature, things begin to shift. The right people find us. Countless meaningful "coincidences" happen. We feel unburdened, free.

So how do we become our wildest selves again? They come out when we are exactly ourselves no matter where we are or who we are with. Your unique wild will look different than mine, but the results are the same: freedom, joy, unconditional love, deep peace.

About Katelyn                                                   

Katelyn is a Self Love Coach helping softies to rewild back to a state of deep, unconditional, & luxurious self love. She wants you to find your true self again & fall head over heels in love with them.
When she’s not coaching, you can find her drinking too many chai lattes and trying new recipes with her preschooler

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