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The 12 Coaching Superpowers


The 12 Coaching Superpowers

Have you taken the quiz and want to understand more about all 12 coaching superpowers?  Read on:

If you haven't taken the quiz use this link to discover your Unique Coaching Superpower. TAKE THE QUIZ


If you've taken the quiz you know your primary coaching superpower. Most of us have more than one set of strengths and you may find that at different times in your life some qualities come into play while others are are no longer at the forefront.

Why is this important? Why is it important to know your natural gift as a coach?

Because when you are true to yourself, more "you", more accepting of who you are, you will flourish. And with this, you will have a far easier time becoming a coach and attracting/creating paying clients. In a word, you will have an easier time being successful as a life coach.

Here's an infographic that shows the 12 archetypes / superpowers that are outlined below.


Here is a brief overview of the 12 superpowers (archetypes):


The Alchemist is all about transformation and they never tire of learning about the world and themselves. They are wise and intuitive and are often on the cutting edge to becoming the best versions of themselves. 

The Alchemist inspires others to commit to a higher vision of what they can be or do and they love the unconventional. They value the connection between magic and practical results.


The Creative lives to imagine, interpret and create what the ordinary eye cannot see. Creativity can be in any form, for example through the fine arts such as painting, and extends into writing, woodworking and even into architecture.  Someone with this superpower will spend a lifetime mastering their chosen craft using their unlimited imagination to see possibilities


The Entertainer lives in the moment and is the life of the party. They have a talent for being playful and brightening everyone’s day. The Entertainer is often outspoken and loves to innovate. Above all they love to laugh and help others laugh too, even when it is at their own expense. 


The Explorer blazes their own trail, often taking the road less travelled and always wanting to go where no one has gone before. They are independent self-starters who don't conform to tradition and prefer to chart their own course. They love travel and thrive on adventure. 

Others appreciate how the Explorer helps them expand their minds and discover previously unknown parts of themselves. 

Girl / Guy Next Door 

The Guy / Girl Next Door is the humanitarian that makes everyone feel included and welcome.  They are authentic hard workers who are happy to support and collaborate with others because they believe in the equality of all people. 

They are often at their best working tirelessly behind the scenes as they inspire other people with their straightforward and direct way of being. 


The Hero stands for courage, strength and overcoming challenges. They find strength in adversity and value resilience, honor and ambition. The Hero is always willing to fight for the underdog, even to go against the odds for what they believe is right. Others are inspired by their dedication and willingness to dig in and work when things get hard. 


Like a young child, the Innocent is bright, open-minded, happy, and generally full of positivity. They notice the good in the world and have an innate talent of finding the silver lining in every cloud. 

Others love your carefree and sunny vibe. 


The Nurturer is the consummate caregiver. They embody the qualities of compassion and generosity and are drawn to help others in their time of need. They thrive on caring for others whether it is children, partners, seniors or the entire animal kingdom.  This archetype allows others to feel safe and deeply cared for as a result of the deep love and appreciation this archetype embodies. 


The Rebel sees the possibility of change and is willing to break the system and challenge the rules when they know they can change the world for the better. They will risk saying the unpopular and being uncomfortable when they are fighting for a cause that they know is right. 

They aren't afraid of tearing down the current system in order to create a better one. 


The Romantic appeals to the deepest longings about intimacy, relationships and to be seen as special.  They focus on creating a warm and comfortable surrounding and they prefer to avoid conflict. 

The Romantic is warm and embracing and they value deep friendships and passionate love in all forms. 


The Royal is a natural leader and wants to invest their time and energy in something that matters to them. They thrive as an authority figure and are comfortable taking control of any situation. 

Others admire the Royal’s diplomacy, impeccable taste and big thinking and look to them as role model of excellence. 


The Sage is always looking to find the truth and values learning above all. They use their methodical and objective nature to understand the world. You can often find them at the library on in the classroom as they seek to uncover the secrets of universal truth. 

They have a knack for research and teaching what they uncover as they analyze patterns and data to find solutions. People appreciate the Sage as an objective and trustworthy source of expertise.


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