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Word Of The Year Ep: 023


Hey Friends, How are you? I’m glad you’re here and welcome to Episode 23.

If you’re listening to this when it goes live, it’s January 2021 and I’m recording this on January 3rd. so it’s right at the start of the new year. Happy New Year. It’s 2021, and I hope that this year is a little bit kinder to everyone than 2020 was.

My Christmas and New Year’s was very very quiet, certainly not like most years. Truthfully, you guys I’m a huge introvert and even though I love people, I do get tired with all the big Christmas parties, There’s a balance right? I love people, I love my friends and family and I still need a bit of quiet space to recharge my batteries. 

Let’s dive in to today’s episode. Do you choose a word of the year? Yes? No?  Have you ever?

Well if you haven’t, it’s a fun exercise. It sets the tone for your year.

Last year my word for 2020 was collaboration.
I chose it because it just resonated with me and because I believe that when we work together we create a triple win. Essentially, we can create a bigger change than I could ever accomplish on my own.
Yes, I just said ‘a triple win’ it’s not a horse racing term. It means my partner/ the person I’m collaborating wins, I win, and our clients and the community also wins. We have fun, we leverage our skills, resources and our hearts.
I’m amazed at the power of how choosing one word, one essence can transform your life.
Ever since I set that intention early in 2020, last year, I’ve had such amazing opportunities literally fall into my lap.
Within one month of choosing “collaboration” as my word of the year, I was a guest on 3 podcasts, taught 2 masterclasses, been invited to a guest interview for a magazine and enjoyed facilitating collaborative workshops with groups so they can create their shared vision to work more harmoniously and have a greater impact.
I am so thrilled and grateful that these opportunities showed up.

This year…well this year is different isn’t it. I’m recording this at the start of 2021 and I’ve chosen my word, and of course I’ll share it with you at the end of this episode.

This isn’t about checking the boxes and rushing to choose a word, if you’re listening to this later in the year, go ahead choose your word now! You aim is to choose a word that creates a feeling that resonates.
Did you already choose your word of the year?
And if you did, I’d love to hear what it is – send me a DM @candymotzek on Instagram.
Or maybe you meant to choose one but never got around to it?
Don’t worry it’s not too late.
Normally at this time of the year we’re full of possibility, vision and dreams. But this year, truthfully, many of us just want 2020 to go away forever. It was a hard year, and even though none of my close friends and family got sick, I have clients who caught COVID-19 and many friends who have been affected.
Now, despite the pandemic and the current restrictions there is still a lot that we are in control of. We can control how we think and through this how we feel and we can choose our attitude and our actions.

So, you can still declare what you want for this  year to be like. Stake your claim for this new year.

We’re going to talk about

1 Why you want to choose a word of the year

2 How to choose your word

As a bonus to this episode and to make it easier for you, I made you a little gift. It’s a PDF workbook called How To Choose Your Word of The Year and you can download when you sign up for my free resource library. The Coaches Online Business Academy. I’ve put the link in the show notes, so it’s a quick and easy for you find it.


 When I first heard this idea, I honestly thought it was kind of silly. How does using words like gratitude, focus, simplify, consistency, lead, or sparkle have any effect on your year?

Choosing a word of the year isn’t just about micro-planning a specific set of goals or actions, but rather about framing your year through the lens of your word.

When you choose a word, you’re creating a beacon, a sign post for how you want your year to look.

That word becomes a filter for your goals, decisions, emotions and actions.

My example from last year, I chose the word collaboration.

What this meant to me was that my intention for the year was to embrace anything / everything that comes my way and to go looking for areas to collaborate and share with others.

I set an intention for partnerships and a win-win orientation.

I did it because I wanted to grow my business and I know that one of the best ways is to help others. You know that saying “the way to get more of what you want is to help others get what they want.”

 By choosing collaboration as my theme, it meant I was committed to breaking free from my comfort zone and say “yes” to things and experiences I may have shied away from before.

And look what happened. Right? I got those guest opportunities, taught workshops and found other ways to collaborate too both with my clients and peers.

One important example, I launched this podcast, I was introduced to Michelle from AmplifYou through an acquaintance. And it’s only because of her and her team that you’re listening to this podcast today and soon you’re going to hear me as a guest on her podcast too. It probably would have still been an idea in the back of my mind instead of a reality that can help you right now.

 Since collaboration was top of mind, it meant I went back to my clients and asked them how could I help them even better?  And because of these conversations I created a new program, that I’m currently offering to new coaches – called “how to get your first paying (and future) clients” and it’s been a game changer to help them reach that milestone of going from newbie coach to paid coach.

 I have to say too, there’s no rules here, so don’t stop at choosing a word of the year, you can go ahead and choose one for the month or even the season.

 Use this approach in a way that serves you best and most importantly have fun with it.

How do you decide on your word of the year?

You may have just had a word that presented itself to you. One that for some reason just feels right. If this is you. Don’t question it. Go with it. 

 It’s how I chose my word for 2021 (or actually the word chose me)

If you’ve never chosen a word you can easily do it with these 5 steps

Step 1. Relax and grab a cup of tea (or wine) and play your favorite play list.

Step  2 Create Space reduce distractions and put aside some uninterrupted quiet time

Step  3. Grab a pen and paper. Writing encourages your brain to sloooooowww waaay down.

 Now consider some of these questions and respond

  • What fulfills you?
  • Who are you when you are at your best?
  • How would you like to grow?
  • What’s next for you?
  • What sounds exciting and like an interesting stretch?
  • Imagine it’s a year from now and you’re thinking about the year that just ended. What was satisfying, what did you learn, what did you release, who have you become?

Step  4. Allow and accept.

Has one word popped out at you? You may see a word that repeats in the answers to those questions. That might be your word. If not, read a list of inspiring, positive words (there’s a list in the PDF I told you about too).

Step  5. Don’t rush, choose a couple of words and let them roll around in your mind for a day or so. You may find that you wake up tomorrow morning with “the word”

 That’s it – it’s all you need to do.

Ok, now let me tell you what my word is for this year …it’s Go-Giver

 I chose it, or rather it chose me because I want to help you and I want to have a big impact on my clients, my listeners and the ripple effect that my clients (who are mostly coaches) create in their lives and with their clients too. 

 Giving, adding value, contributing, supporting are what we all need more of and my business will grow based on the amount of people that I help….

 I believe that the most successful people are the ones who help the most people and create all types of success as a result.

There’s that quote again…You will get more of what you want when you help others get what they want…..hence my word Go-Giver

 I read a book with this title Go Giver a couple of years ago, it’s by Bob Burg. If you’re looking for a good read, grab it at your local bookstore or on Amazon it’s a parable that has impacted my deeply and I bet you would like it too. Doesn’t take very long to read – about an hour and a half. So you can easily read it next weekend. I’ll put the link in the episode notes for you so you can check it out.

 Alright, so you’ve got everything you need to choose your word of the year and like I said earlier to help make it easier for you, I made you a little gift. It’s a PDF workbook called How To choose Your Word of The Year.(Yes ;I know I’m not the most creative at naming things…but I’m a practical kind of person 😊)

 To get your copy sign up for my free resource library. The Coaches Online Business Academy. The link is in the show notes. As soon as you sign up and create your private log on, you’ll be able to access it.

 And if you’re ready to work with your own coach to overcome obstacles and get the results you want and create more meaningful success I’d love to invite you to sign up for a consult. We’ll talk, we’ll coach and then we’ll see if we’re ready to work together. The link is in the episode notes.

 So that’s it for today friends. Come listen next week for the next episode. I can’t wait to connect with you then.

And remember, share your word with me. Send me a DM on Instagram….I’d love to hear from you. 

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