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What's The Value Of A Goal?


Have you seen the movie Eddie The Eagle?

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It’s based on a true story about an English ski jumper who made it to the Olympics.
In it, Eddie, a goofy clumsy guy overcomes incredible odds to reach his goal of becoming an Olympian. 
It’s the story of the regular guy whose only qualifications are a big dream, passion and the ability to keep getting up every time he falls down. Even though he comes in dead last, he is still a hero.
It’s kind of like starting a business, sometimes it goes well and we think “this is it! It’s working!” and other days we think “why bother, it’s never going to happen anyway”.
And when I say we think, I mean, how I think.
And I’m pretty sure you and I often think the same way 😉
No matter what my goal is, I still have these up and down thoughts, I’m currently working on reaching an Impossible Goal (the capitals are not a typo it’s just my brain freaking out). One day I see evidence of success and the next day I’m on the struggle bus.
Anyway, what does Eddie The Eagle have to do with you and your goals?
He had the courage to set a goal in the first place. 👈
It can be scary even writing it down, let alone sharing it with others.   So many of us have a thought about a goal or know we should set a goal and then slip into overwhelm and confusion and never actually have the courage to decide.
If this is you, stop reading right now. Choose one thing, one goal, and commit to it.
Yes, you heard me, stop reading now! (lol did I catch you?) 🤣🤣🤣
It’s not so much about the goal itself as it is about who you are learning to become as you reach for it. 
Will you become more resilient? 
Will you finally believe in your own abilities?
Will you realize that you are capable of so much more than you’ve ever imagined?
I believe in YOU.
Comment below, I'd love to hear what goals you've set for this year.
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All the best,
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