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What is the know like trust factor?


what is the know like trust factor and how does it help your business grow

Riddle me this. What is KLT?

If you’re new to business you are probably new to this concept. KLT stands for the “Know-Like-Trust” factor.

This is something you need to be aware of and leverage when starting and growing your coaching business.

It says that if any of the three components (know, like, or trust) are missing, your potential client will not sign up with you.

Spend a few minutes reflecting on your own experiences.

Have you ever happily purchased from a business or a business person that you didn’t like?

When you go out shopping, I bet you usually go to your favourite stores first, especially the shops where they know you, and you know them. Notice too that if you personally don’t trust the business or the individual you are potentially buying from, you will go somewhere else. 

If your potential clients don’t trust you, they will not want to hire you as their coach because they won’t feel comfortable talking about their issues and revealing their vulnerabilities in your presence.


what is the know like trust factor and how does it help your business grow

As you grow your business, you will have plenty of opportunities to have enrollment conversations (also known as breakthrough calls, clarity calls or sample sessions) with potential coaching clients. Just as they are trying to decide whether they believe you can help them, you too are trying to decide whether you want to work with them. Take time to genuinely build rapport, don’t rush it.

Investing the time to get to know your potential client will build your Know-Like-Trust factor and this approach will allow you to help more clients and grow a thriving practice


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