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Welcome to She Coaches Coaches Ep: 001




Welcome to She Coaches Coaches

Welcome to She Coaches Coaches. I'm your host, Candy Motzek, ICF Mentor Coach and I’m so thrilled to have you here. This podcast has been a dream and a goal for many months, so I’m super excited and a little bit nervous to get it launched.

What's it going to be about? And who's it for?

Well, it's for new coaches and aspiring coaches. You know, the people who have been thinking about becoming a coach for weeks or maybe even months and for those of you who are just getting started. Maybe you’ve taken some coach training and you’re inspired by the possibilities then this is the right place for you.

It’s for any kind of personal development coach. Life coaches, health coaches, relationship coaches, leadership and executive coaches......all kinds of coaches!

I’m gonna just come right out and say it. Becoming a coach is a powerful decision and I believe coaching changes lives, if I can help other coaches become more confident they will have better lives, feel more fulfilled, live more on purpose.

This is the amazing ripple effect of coaching and believe me we need coaches and coaching more than ever these days!

I help new coaches create more meaning, more money and more impact and I would love to help you too.

I’ll be releasing new episodes weekly, so make sure to subscribe.

This podcast will help you find the clarity, confidence and courage to become the coach that you were meant to be. We’re gonna talk about all the things everything from mindset to practical strategies.

My goal is to help you, to teach you, to guide you and to be with you side by side all along the way.

This podcast is going to give you the practical tools and ideas, the encouragement, and the coaching, everything that you need in order to become the most courageous and confident coach that you can possibly be. One that leads from the heart and changes the world.

So I’m excited and I'm ready. And once again, get yourself subscribed and stay tuned because we're about ready to take off.


Hey I’m so glad to be recording this first episode 

I’m here because I love coaching and I love coaches. I think coaching is a powerful force for good in the world and I want to do everything I can to support you to grow and become the most successful and fulfilled coaches you can be.

This is for new and aspiring coaches and I want to be clear when I say “successful” I mean whatever makes YOU feel successful. Some of you may want to have a million-dollar business and that’s great – if that’s what you want. Excellent. But you might define success as a steady stream of 5 one on one clients with a waitlist.

Whichever end of the spectrum you’re on, you get to define success and I’m here to mentor and coach you all along the way.

I think we all need a coach. It’s the place where you get to learn how to grow more into yourself, create fulfilment, and maximize your contribution to the world. 

I’ve been wanting to create this podcast for months. My goal is simple I aim to help you, to mentor and coach you so that you’ve got the mindset and tools you can put into practice and become a thriving coach.

I’m so glad you’re here and I’m excited….nope, scratch that …I’m nervous and truthfully I find this so funny.

It’s like the universe has conspired to create the perfect scenario!

Here’s why I’m a coach for coaches. And one of the biggest issues coaches bring to me is feeling self-doubt or a lack of confidence feeling confused, feeling overwhelmed, and feeling stuck. They don’t know where to do start and they don’t look stupid. I spend a ton of time helping coaches overcome self-doubt and fear, push past procrastination and overwhelm in a real practical way so they can create more impact, more money and more fulfilment for themselves and their clients.

So here’s me, a confidence coach and I just shared with you that you I’m nervous too. This is the perfect example of what confidence is and how it’s created. Over time I will grow and become confident and speaking to you on this podcast, and I’m glad you’re here to be part of the journey. More than anything this way when I’m honest with you know without a shadow of a doubt that we’re all in this together.

Most people when they see my photo or see me on video say “you look so confident” “you look so calm and cool and collected” and here’s me telling you. How I look on the outside has nothing to do with how I feel on the inside.

Let me just say that again how YOU look on the outside has nothing to do with how YOU feel on the inside. And that is the best news. I’ve learned to accept that whenever I do something new, just like this podcast, I’m going to feel scared.

I’m nervous because I want this to be an amazing tool, I want to get to know you, to reach through your earbuds and help you to take the first or next step on your journey. In speaking, as I talk through this I realize I’m nervous because this is important to me to have an impact and to help you in the best way I can. I want this to be the best use of your time. Maybe you’re listening while you’re cooking dinner or on your commute and I am thankful that you’re here listening. I’m grateful for your time.

My pattern is that I will second guess and rework everything over and over, sometimes I procrastinate, sometimes I spin in indecision until I remember that the only way to confidence is through. It’s managing my mind drama, part courage, some small actions, and allowing myself to know that I won’t be as good as I can be…yet. And to also know that I will get better and better each time.

I believe in you and I believe in coaching. I think the field of coaching is just gaining momentum and I am convinced that every person would benefit from having a coach. The more I help you, the more people you will be able to impact, and together we will transform the world. That may sound kind of weird, but it’s true, this what we’re doing as coaches. Transforming the world and helping others to live a meaningful life. We all want purpose and fulfilment, money, freedom, and a good life. Coaching is one of the best ways to make this happen.

Each episode is going to be one bite-sized piece, you can listen in order or you can hop around. I want you to have something to take away from each and every episode. It might be a powerful question that helps you improve your coaching or learn more about yourself. It could be a practical strategy, or maybe even some “real talk” to help you stay the course when you get discouraged

I want this to be a conversation, you and I. I will teach you a framework that I share with my one on one clients and I want to hear from you. I’d love it if you would take the material that I teach and APPLY it to and then tell me how it’s going. What works for you, where do you need more help. You can pop a comment in the episode notes and I’ll be reading every single one and respond.

Here’s what I suggest you do with this podcast and all the episodes to come. Listen to the episode and find one thing that you will apply. Maybe you’ll:

  • try a new thought
  • or you’ll finally get clear on how you’re feeling
  • find out why you get stuck or procrastinate so you can get moving
  • learn how your thoughts create your success and what to do about this
  • feel inspired
  • grab a little bit of courage and create the results you want in your coaching business.


So if you’re a new coach or you’re thinking of becoming a coach and you’re worried that because you’re feeling nervous or filled with self-doubt it’s going to be hard or it’s not going to work. Know that I’m here rooting for you. Side by side, I know you can make it happen. You can be that successful coach.

Before I wrap this up let me tell you this quick story.

When I was taking my coach training one of the trainers Sue told me this personal story and it stuck with me. I want to share it with you too. She was an amazing masterful coach who had coached well over 3000 hours by the time I met her and boy I really looked up to her. She really knew her stuff.

She told me that when she was just starting out as a brand new coach she used to hope and pray that her clients would cancel their coaching sessions. Right up until it was time to get on the call, she kept checking her email….just in case they would postpone. She kept hoping they would cancel even at the last minute so her prayers would be answered.

Can you imagine?

She was scared that she wasn’t good enough and that she wouldn’t be able to help them. Maybe she was worried that she didn’t have enough experience or that she wouldn’t know what to say or that she would run out of questions and flounder around and look silly. So she wished that they would cancel so she didn’t have to show up either.

Her story stuck with me because when I trained with her. She would ask the most powerful questions. Her questions would make me sit up and rethink so much of what I had “decided” was true about me and what I could achieve. and no matter what was going on I always felt deeply heard in her presence.

Do you know how she went from terrified beginner to masterful thriving coach? She showed up and somehow she figured out how to get out of her own way.

Then when she messed up, which she most certainly did, she kept showing up. Over and over. She was dedicated to her clients and committed to her dream of becoming a coach and eventually, she went from terrified (knees knocking/voice shaking) to empowered.

Courage, Clarity, Confidence are all qualities you can learn too. They are emotions. And all of our feelings come from how we think. Throughout these episodes, I’m going to share my confidence framework. We’re going to go through the framework step by step. I’m not holding anything back, these are practical and proven strategies you can use right away. Each episode I’ll talk about one topic, I use the KISS principle. Keep it Simple Sweetie. One episode one topic, and then you take one thing you’ve learned and apply it. Then you watch these small steps will accumulate and before you know it you’ll look back and be amazed at how far you’ve come. How good you feel and the results you’ve created.

Stick with me, I know that using my blueprint will make it easier, so come along for the ride.


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