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Simple Thanksgiving Thoughts


If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is “thank you” it will be enough. Meister Eckhart


Good morning lovely coaches,

This morning as I drank my morning coffee I thought about all the things I take for granted. Things that are so common in my life I forget to appreciate them as the daily miracles they are. It’s amazing to me, that even though I have a regular gratitude practice still I feel like I allow things to pass me by unnoticed.

Here are a few that I thought of this morning:

I have hot fresh coffee in a beautiful cup.

There is always fresh clean water, just turn on the tap and it’s there.

The air is fresh and clean, I don’t have to wear a smog mask

It’s quiet. There are no airstrikes, no explosions or sounds of a gunshot, no cries of scared children.

I’m warm. If I get cool (not even cold) I turn on the heat in my home or put on one of my many sweaters that are clean and pretty

I am loved. I have a family who loves me. A husband who kisses me good morning and good night every day for the past 35+ years. My mother emails me every morning to say hi or send a joke.

The power is on if it’s a bit dark I just flip the switch and I can see, or turn on the stove to cook breakfast. Just so easy.

I didn’t go to sleep hungry last night. Any time I’m just a little bit hungry, I open the fridge and have a choice. If I don’t see what satisfies my whim I can order take out or go to the store and buy anything I want.

How many of these resonate with you? What are the things you would add to this list? Send me an email at or press the Message Us button in the bottom right-hand corner. I'd love to hear from you.



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