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Quick Tips To Create A Home Office

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A big part of setting up your coaching business is creating a workspace that functions well, feels good and encourages you to be productive.

Before you begin, ask yourself a few questions to narrow down your needs.

  • What specifically will I do in this space?
  • Will clients be coming to see me face to face?
  • What type of equipment do I need?
  • When will I be doing the bulk of my work?
  • How much quiet do I need to concentrate?
  • Will I be video conferencing?
  • Will I be teaching or presenting webinars?

Once you’ve given it some thought you will be better able to decide what you need in an effective and beautiful work area. Here are some suggestions to get you on the right path:

Somewhere to Sit

The number one consideration for your office is a chair.

For writing and computer work an ergonomic chair is important. Something that gives you proper support and is adjustable for your height. If you’re short you may need a small footstool.

Depending on how you like to coach, you may also like to get another comfortable chair to sit in. Not everyone likes to coach at a desk. I prefer sitting in a relaxing armchair with a small writing table in front of me. I’ve found that when I sit at my desk the computer is distracting, even when it’s powered off.


A Place To Write and Put Your Computer

The writing surface or desk is a place to put your computer when you are writing or doing emails. In addition, you may like to stand at this writing surface to do large scale planning. For example, when you’re designing a new coaching program, marketing campaign or goal-setting session.

This writing surface doesn’t need to be huge. If you have a smaller try repurposing a teen’s desk or vanity table.


Visual Privacy and Quiet Space: Office

Some type of visual privacy is important.  It’s best if you have a door you can close when you need privacy and at the end of the workday.

Coaching takes concentration, so quiet is also a big consideration. Don’t fool yourself and think you can coach when there is activity all around you. You want to focus on your clients. Coaching with the phone on one ear while your kids are running around the house or while your partner has the TV next to your workspace will sabotage your efforts to build your business.

 If you have a busy household, you could add a white noise source to reduce the distractions. Use a low-level fan or air filter. Amazon also has some great white noise machines that are very reasonably priced.

What happens if you don’t have a separate space available for your work area? If you must work on the dining room table, buy an attractive room divider or screen so at the end of the day you can block the view of your work area. It’s important for you to effectively “close the door” on work at the end of the day.

If you plan on seeing clients in person, consider where your office is located compared to the rest of the house. You don’t want them to have to walk through the living room, past the teenagers laying on the couch, or past the dirty dishes and piles of dirty laundry on the way to your coaching room.

 Start and Build A Coaching Business | Get More Coaching Clients  | From employee to entrepreneur  | Quit your 9 to 5 job | Coaching Business Tips and Resources

Use Your Wall Space Effectively

You need enough space for books and reference materials. Try placing a bookshelf behind your desk to maximize space. In addition, whiteboards are great for tracking, planning and reminding you of your priorities.


Decorate and Organize

Claim it and make it your space. Paint the walls a colour that excites you, hang artwork and add live plants. You want this to be a space where you’re happy to spend time.

Organize, organize, organize. Clutter in your workspace will contribute to mental confusion. When your mind is cluttered you won’t be able to concentrate and achieve all that you are capable of. So, take the time to organize your supplies and wherever possible keep them out of sight.



Natural lighting is best. If you are fortunate, your office will have a window and give you access to daylight. But you will also need some general and task lighting.

If you’re delivering webinars or doing video conferencing, you want a good lighting source to improve your video quality.

Avoid putting your computer screen directly in front of the light source. This will help you minimize glare and shadows in the area where you sit and it will improve your comfort, and reduce eye strain.



Most of you will be coaching by phone, skype or video conference. Make sure you get the best equipment you can afford so that the quality of your calls is top-notch.

1. Smartphone

One of the most common problems is poor cell phone coverage. It’s tough to coach when the sound quality makes it hard to understand what your client is saying, or if they can’t hear you. If this is the case, contact your provider they may have some good options to help you.

 2. Headset or earbuds

3. Computer/laptop



Upgrade to the fastest internet possible. Keep everything wireless as much as possible to reduce clutter. Depending on the quality of the internet in your area you may need to purchase a signal booster to improve the range and quality of the internet.

Wireless hub and router. Convert your equipment to wireless, as much as possible, to minimize the rats' nest of cables tangled in your work area.


Special considerations for small spaces

If you have a small living space, designate one cabinet for your work equipment. Preferably something that has doors and drawers you can close. You don’t need much equipment to run a coaching business. The bare basics are a computer, smartphone, writing equipment and a few files. All of which can fit into a small cabinet.


Budget considerations

You don’t need to buy all new furniture for your office space. It’s your new business, and prudent business owners 😊 spend their money wisely. Look for other options to fill your needs. Used or repurposed furniture are great options.  Check out the local Craig’s List or Varage Sale in your area or trade with a friend.


Now over to you! Send me a photo of your home office, studio or coaching workspace by email to info@candymotzek.com  I’d love to hear from you, I personally read every single email I get.

My goal is to help you, build your dream business. How’s it going? Is it everything you hoped it would be? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, schedule a complimentary private Clarity Session with me HERE

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