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Let's Get Real


Face it. Life isn’t easy. It’s not always fun, blue skies and flowers. 

When we look at social media we get a false idea that everyone else’s life is a dream come true. How can we ever feel good about our boring normal life when all we see are Facebook and Instagram feeds full of perfect meals, perfect trips, perfect #OOTD and perfect hair days? I’ve got news for you, all those perfect photos are FAKE.

But we get to choose what we believe. We can decide that their lives are perfect, filled with unicorns and only happy fun times and nothing difficult ever happens in their world.  Or I can choose a different perspective and so can you. 

Let’s pause and really think about it, we know in our heart of hearts that each person has their own challenges.

Maybe they’ve posted about their perfect hair day because they just had a fight with their teenager. Or maybe, they posted a photo of that perfect meal and they are nervous about their upcoming doctor’s appointment.

Truly we will never know what challenges someone else is facing. But we can be sure that they do have issues, just like we do.

We can decide to enjoy our lives and believe they are perfect for us, and really, we are good enough right now.

Whenever we compare our lives to anyone else we do ourselves a huge disservice. When we focus outward on what others are doing, being, having and achieving we will never fully appreciate all the good we do have.

I’m writing this to YOU today because I want you to know you are not alone. We all struggle with this from time to time. And I want to reach out to you and connect. Even though you’re seeing this on the internet or by email, know that I am thinking about YOU. You are important, unique and placed on this earth to do the things only YOU can do. Your gifts, talent and opinions are all vitally important.


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