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Your Success Is Just Around The Corner

Keep Showing Up....Your Success Is Just Around The Corner


A couple of weeks ago I was at a live event and saw Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, Jasmine Starr and some other amazing entrepreneurs on stage.

One lesson I took away was when Marie looked at the audience and said.

” You know what? One of the biggest reasons I’m successful is because I just kept showing up. I am a relentless M&^*^\ F#*&er!”

All of these top female entrepreneurs echoed this statement.  When times got tough…they didn’t give up. They showed up, again and again, and again.

It seems simple when you hear this advice, but in truth people often give up too early. This habit of giving up means many brilliant talented people never see success, and often they never reach their goals.

The problem is, you don’t know if your success is just around the corner or if it’s still months away.

What can you do to stay motivated?

Try these 3 tips:

  1. Keep your vision long and at the same time focus on the next few steps in your journey.
  2. Surround yourself with people who will cheer you on (and you cheer them on too!)
  3. Love the work you do. If you love the work, you will enjoy every step of the way. Don’t just fall in love with the goal, fall in love with the day to day creative process. Fall in love with serving your clients.



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