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It's Not Easy Being Green with Loey Werking Wells

It's Not Easy Being Green with Loey Werking Wells

I grew up a big fish in a small pond. Just to give you context, the “pond” where I lived got its first stop light in 1980. I’ve always been outspoken, organized and a visionary—in other words, a leader. Even after I moved to my state university (yay, more stoplights!) and eventually to Los Angeles and Portland, I’ve managed to make my mark in the ponds that I’ve chosen. Recently, I’ve made the biggest move that I (and quite frankly, most people) could make, which is to NYC. Moving here has been a goal that fulfilled a life-long dream. But goals and dreams are not always reached traveling a smooth highway, but rather can be fraught with plenty of starts and stops. However much I’ve wanted to move here, I’ve had a bit of anxiety, which is why I volunteered to be coached by Candy the other day during her Monday Coaching and Conversations.

My concern was finding my place in my new city. She said my predicament was like figuring out how to be a small fish in a big pond, and I laughed, “Fish, I feel more like algae!” That got a good chuckle from everyone, but the truth is, it can be unsettling and scary to navigate new surroundings, whether it’s at a new job, school, city, or country. Here’s what coaches like Candy and I would explore with our clients:

What specific things worry you about being in a bigger pond? Naming the problem takes away some of its power.
What are you most looking forward to? Redirecting your focus towards something positive will help remind you of the why of your goal.
In what ways are you looking to reframe your life? One move does not mean everything has to shift, rather, maybe there’s one or two things that needs to change as you reach a goal.

Algae may seem like nothing, but have you ever seen a pond taken over with it? There’s power in being small. Starting over, being new, not knowing who you are in a new place can be a blow to the healthiest of egos. Kermit the Frog is a powerful sage when he said, it’s not easy being green. But as he points out, while being green can feel small, blends in, and is passed over, like algae, being green has a ton of benefits. So, here’s to adding to the 8 million pieces of algae that call this place home, may I feed and not choke out my new pond.


About Loey:

My lifelong passion is working at the intersection of story and action, whether it's with individuals or organizations. I bring my experience as a lawyer, writer, project manager and community organizer to my coaching. I’m deeply curious and always game for an adventure. In 2005 my husband I circumnavigated the globe for a year with our then-eight year old and since then have visited 50 countries and 46 states. I guide my practice and my life with connection, intuition, and fun. I look forward to helping my clients write the next chapter of their amazing life. 


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