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Best Journaling Tools Digital or Paper & Pen

How to Start A Journal: What's Best Digital or Paper & Pen?

How to start a journal for beginners, with writing prompts to help you get inspired


In this video, I talk more about what's better keeping a journal by handwriting or digital so you can decide which you want to try first.



Want to learn more about how to start keeping a journal, check out this page:


How to start a journal for personal development

Everyone has an opinion on journaling with paper and pen or using a digital tool. Here are some more thoughts for you to consider.

Some people prefer the tactile experience of writing on paper, as it can be more satisfying and help them better process their thoughts and emotions because it slows you down. Others may prefer digital journaling options, such as using a smartphone app or typing on a computer.

One advantage of using paper and pen for journaling is that it can be a more meditative and reflective practice, any time you disconnect from digital distractions and focus on your thoughts and feelings. Writing by hand also engages different parts of the brain than typing, which may help with memory retention and creativity.

On the other hand, digital journaling can be more convenient and accessible, as you can easily type or dictate entries on the go and access them from multiple devices. It can also offer features like reminders and prompts to help you establish a consistent journaling practice.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to journal! And this is more important than the mode you use to journal. 


To help you get started keeping a journal I've created a PDF download with 41 writing prompts. Click here to get your copy >>>

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