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How to squeeze the most out of your day


A couple of days ago I sent an email and asked, “what do you the most need help with right now for your business?”

First, I have to say THANK YOU, I heard back from a ton of you! Your input is so helpful.

Today’s email answers one of the themes that was showing up. You said:

“I need help to get it all done. I juggle so many roles in my life, it’s hard to find time to grow my business.”

Follow this four-step process daily. It’s quick and highly actionable.


Step 1: Do a brain dump

Each evening before you get ready for bed do a complete brain dump in your journal of all the things you’ve got to get done for your business.

Write it all down. 

You may find that once you create your list, it’s not as long as you thought it was going to be. By keeping your list in your mind and continually mulling it over it will take up more space and more energy. This energy could be better used, instead of worrying it can help you move forward instead.


Step 2: Choose your top three to-dos

Select the three items that are the most important. Choose, the actions that will move you towards your goal fastest.

If you have a hard time choosing your top three to-dos, approach it as if it was the last day before you go on vacation. Remember how much you can accomplish just before you go on holiday? This approach will help you quickly prioritize your tasks.

This method helps you quickly prioritize your day.  

By selecting your top three to-dos as your priority for tomorrow, you will spend less time doing busy work, like organizing your office or cleaning up your email inbox and more time doing the things that will move the needle in your business.


Step 3: Write your top three to-dos in your agenda or enter it in your calendar.

You have now created your high priority action list for tomorrow.

Creating this short to-do list clears your mind, and it will help you rest better at night.

Step 4: Tomorrow

Before you do any other tasks for your business, do your top three to-dos.

If you get your list of three complete, you can pat yourself on the back because you have taken solid, productive action.

If you have extra time, you can always do more, if not you can relax knowing you’ve made good progress for the day.


Repeat these steps every evening. Over time you will begin to see your progress adding up, and you will know that you are growing your coaching practice in a tangible way.

I’d love to hear from you, hit reply and tell me,

“How can I help you best with your business, right now?”

Your answers are invaluable, and I use them to create content, so I can help support you to grow your coaching practice.


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