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7 Phases of Growing Your Client Base


How To Create More Coaching Clients: The 7 Phases of Growing Your Client Base

How to start a coaching business? Building a coaching business from scratch can be confusing and overwhelming.  I’ve found that anytime I can corral my overflowing list of “to-do’s” down to something manageable like a step by step process it gets easier. It helps me because I can pinpoint exactly where I am in the cycle and then I know what I need to do to keep moving purposefully in the right direction.

The most important part of starting and growing a coaching business is to get clients. I know that many of you are working diligently to become a certified life coach and even while you’re taking your coaching certification attracting clients has to be at the top of your list.

Many business owners spend hours and hours deciding on their logo or the exact colours they will use on their website and while all of this is important it is pointless if you don’t have enough clients.  Because if you have no clients you have no business.


My goal in this blog post is to help make it easier and faster and there are plenty of free resources on this website to support you in your journey and I invite you to settle in and spend some time. I’ve created the graphic below you can use that shows a distilled version of the client-getting journey. If you master this cycle you will be well on your way to creating a steady flow of paying clients that will keep your business healthy, keep you happy and best of all you will be making a difference in all those lives with your skills.

In a nutshell, every method of finding clients to easily to build a coaching business can be boiled down to these seven steps which are all part of a cycle. If you focus on these critical steps every day and take action you will build a life coach business that is both highly profitable and sustainable.

I know it can be tough to keep putting in the work when you aren’t yet seeing results but have faith that you will create the business of your dreams and know that it will take time. 

Here are the 7 Phases:

Phase 1: Go where your ideal clients are (both on and offline)

The easiest and most efficient way to attract clients is to spend your time where your potential customers are hanging out and tell them how your coaching can change their life, health, weight, business, or whatever your speciality is. You must get out among your customers and show them why they need you. This can include spending more time at networking events, on social media or doing guest posts on blogs.

When you are in this phase ask yourself this question.

Question: Where is somewhere new that I can go to connect with potential clients?  What networking groups can I participate in that resonate with me, my style and my clients?

Phase 2: Offer service and provide value

Have an attitude of service. The more you serve, the more people will grow to trust you. Remember, people buy from people they know, like and trust.

When you find yourself in this phase ask yourself this question.

Question: I know that coaching works, how could I offer even more value to my existing and future clients?

Phase 3: Tell them what you do and show them how it works

It’s important to both tell them and show them. This will educate people about coaching and your service. Coaching is still a relatively new profession, and many people don't know what it is. The more they understand the benefit of coaching the more they will want to use it to make their life better.

When you are in this phase ask yourself these questions.

Questions: How can I clearly and concisely describe the transformation my coaching activates? What are the biggest improvements people experience as a result of coaching with me?

Phase 4: Build a relationship

Our society often looks for the quick fix. But growing a profitable and sustainable business is not a quick fix. You plan on being a coach for many years, so keep the long view in mind. Build strong relationships with potential clients, peers, business associates, and throughout your network. People will look to individuals they know to help solve their issues. It may take time, but it's so worth it. Not only is it rewarding to feel connected with like-minded people, but those relationships will also be the backbone of your referral network in the future.

When you find yourself in this phase ask yourself this question.

Question: Who do I know that I can reach out to today and how can I deepen our relationship? Where can you integrate your coaching skills to create better relationships? Expand your thinking from just your friends, family and co-workers to your larger sphere of influence.

Phase 5: Ask for the business

Yes, you do have to ask for the business, and you will probably need to ask more than once. You are a small business owner and regardless of your business model, whether you offer individual coaching, group coaching or virtual coaching programs, you will still need to ask for the business. There is a way of asking more than once that is not pushy. I know that I used to worry that people would think I was trying to sell them something. But I chose to reframe how I thought about it so that I am now offering them a solution to their problem.

People will probably only really hear your “ask” when they are at a point that they are looking for help. Even though you’ve asked

Think too, people have problems. You're not bugging them, they've been looking for a solution and you might be the answer. They didn't know it.

When you find yourself in this phase ask yourself this question.

Question: Who is just waiting for me to invite them to a Sample Session?

Phase 6: Coach your clients and help them get remarkable results

When people get coached, they transform from hum drum troubled individuals to living a fulfilled exciting life.

They finally get over the things that have been holding them back, they get clarity, confidence and escape from their rut.

When you are in this phase ask yourself these questions.

Questions: What could I do to grow my coaching mastery? Who do I need to become or how do I need to develop to make my coaching even more effective?

Phase 7: Ask for referrals

People who have experienced the benefits of coaching are the perfect people to ask for referrals.  Referrals are one of the easiest, lowest cost methods of getting new awesome clients.

When you are in this phase ask yourself these questions.

Questions: How can I let more people know that I’m looking to grow your client base? Who can I speak with to generate more referrals?


As you continue to grow your coaching business, reflect on how you handle each of these critical phases. With this information and the right mindset, you will be able to attract a steady flow of well paying, enthusiastic clients just waiting to work with you.

To help you I’ve created a freebie you can download. It’s a handy workbook you can use to focus on each of these business building steps and includes a pdf of the cycle. Grab your copy >>>>>>here <<<<<<

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