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5 Secrets About Becoming Coach



How To Become A Life Coach. Five Secrets For Success.

Last year I attended a live event, The Entrepreneur Experience, in San Diego where there were more than 450 inspiring smart, and powerful entrepreneurs in all phases of their business. When I say all stages I mean some people are just starting out with an idea and others have moved well past the $500M in sales/year. The presenters were Amy Porterfield, Marie Forleo, Jasmine Star and Tarzan Kay all experts in their own right and I was honoured to be able to see them in person.

Learning and growth are important, here are five of the key perspectives I took away and will take to heart. I know they will help you too.

1. The people you look up to, “The Legends” are people too.

I know that might sound obvious at first glance but stay with me here.  Most of the women spoke about their real life, their struggles, hopes, fear and determination. When a legend is sitting 10 feet from you with their eyes brimming with emotion you FEEL it. There is one thing to say, “well if they did it…then I can to” and it’s an entirely different level of impact when you get to see them in all their humanity. What do you need to do to get to that level of commitment to your business?


2. Changes aren’t coming, they are already here.

I’ve felt this for some time, there is a new style of business afoot. It’s shaking the foundations of corporations as we know them. There are powerful financially successful and fulfilled solopreneurs making money and a difference. 

The solopreneur pioneers are role models for all of us. And we’re starting to get it! Little by little there are stay at home moms, retirees, ex C-Suite executives starting and running their own business.

Never before has this been possible. Armed with inspiration a laptop, cell phone and internet they are creating the new face of business. 

Like you, many of them are coaches and consultants. When you have one of those days when you’re feeling a little lonely or defeated know that there are literally thousands of these entrepreneurs working under the radar building their coaching business and redefining success. You are in the right place at the right time.


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3. There are really only two currencies that are important and they are yours alone to wield.

Your Time
Your Attention

To be successful you’ve got to be intentional. Where will you spend your time and what will you focus on? 

I’m here to give you some tough love. You might need to get some discipline on what you do and how you do it. 

You can get all techy with it and use an app to restrict your access to social media and your email or you can simply turn off the Wi-Fi in your home while you work, or on your computer, if you’re working in a coffee shop. 

Another method set a timer for 60-minutes where you will not: 

  • Check emails
  • Look at your texts
  • Glance quick at your DMs
  • Peek at any of your social media feeds
  • Put your phone on silent

 And you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish!

To start and build a successful coaching business you must decide where you want to spend your time and your attention, or you will be pushed and pulled around by all the shiny objects.



4. There is power in decision.

Until you decide nothing happens, but once you make that decision all sorts of opportunities open up for you! What decision are you avoiding right now?

Do you want to do one on one personal coaching?

Do you want to create a group program?

Speak in front of groups?

Deliver workshops?

Create and make money from your blog?

Write a book to share your message? 

It’s easy to ping pong back and forth but know that when you are indecisive you will never make any progress.

If you are stuck and are unsure which path to take, work with a coach to uncover what your best business looks like. Once you’ve chosen the kind of business you want then stick with it.

Yes, you will be pulled in many different directions but stay firm and stay true to yourself.

Build a business that’s right for you.



5. Give yourself permission to make mistakes. 

Let me tell you it was reassuring to hear the front of the room speakers talk about the flops they’ve had. It’s not because they failed that is was helpful, but because they made the failures part of their journey to success. They took the mantra “fail early and fail often” to heart and continued to persevere.

They spoke about courses and coaching programs they created where NO ONE signed up. Not one person. They got honest and direct with themselves and recommitted to truly serve their clients. Then they dusted themselves off and kept moving. 

Do your best, with what you have and what you know right now.  Know that you will improve as you learn and get more experience. One of the best ways to learn is from mistakes and setbacks. I know that can feel a little scary to those of us who struggle with perfectionism. But I know you can do it.

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