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How To Become A Go To Expert

How can you claim your expertise?

Want to become a go-to expert in your niche?

How to become a go to expert in your coaching niche

Many new coaches often tell me:

  • I can't choose my niche.
  • I don't know what to choose.
  • I'm not sure what I'm good at.
  • I don't know what my superpower is.
  • I don’t know what I’m really passionate about.

For many of us, this is just a way of procrastinating. If we don't make a decision, then we don't have to get moving, and you can avoid looking for clients.

It’s easy to stay stuck in this “gosh I don’t know” place of indecision and casually wonder why your calendar isn't filling up.

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Now, let's talk about how to become a go-to expert in your field. There are 10 steps you can take today to nail this down. Yes, some of them do take a bit of time, but it's YOUR coaching practice and you want to make sure that you're doing something that really feels satisfying.

I highly recommend you take the time and work through all 10 steps.

I’ll list them below first and then dive into more detail, so you know exactly what to do step-by-step

  1. Avoid self-doubt
  2. Write your 100
  3. Don’t discount what comes naturally to you
  4. Dig deeper into 10 / 100
  5. Discover the theme(s)
  6. Experts are not static
  7. Healthy comparison
  8. Teach what you’re learning
  9. Share your opinion
  10. Claim it

Step #1: Avoid Self Doubt

At the start be firm with yourself. Don't allow yourself to get stuck in overwhelm and indecision. Don't allow yourself to say,

Because I'm a Newbie I don’t know enough

I’m a baby coach, I’m not an expert in anything

When you allow your self-doubt to speak up you also allow yourself to stay stuck and I know if you’re reading this, there are people out there who need your coaching. If you stay stuck, you won’t help them.

If these self-doubt surface, get tough with yourself. Affirm “I'm going to do this work and I'm going to make a decision and it's going to be a great decision.”

Step #2: Write your 100

Everyone and I mean everyone, has skills and experience. You have had an entire life of doing all kinds of things and many of those things you just take for granted.

You've got expertise in areas that you've forgotten about.

There are many areas of your life where you legitimately are highly skilled and these are the areas where you have just the right skill set, experience and knowledge to help your clients with.

So let's start to fire up your memory.

I challenge you to take out some lined paper and a pen.

Now start writing.

Record one hundred things that you have done where you have succeeded

I know, a hundred things might feel like a lot to ask. You’re going to find that once you start you will be surprised by how many you remember. This is like priming a pump, just get started, and know you might get stuck and it's okay. When you get stuck, take a break, then can come back to your list. If you must, leave that paper out on your kitchen table or on the kitchen counter and come back to it again and again. 

Usually, once you start to get those ideas flowing, you're going to find you've got a ton of ideas of places that you have been successful in all areas of your life. 

Let me give you some examples to help you get started: 

  • You've lost 20 pounds and kept it off for five years. Well, that's not just one expertise. Just that example alone has two aspects, first losing the weight then keeping the weight off is the second. 
  • You had a chronic health condition and you researched how you want to feel in your body, how you want to take care of your body and you've integrated some new movement, some fitness, maybe, maybe a new style of eating. This example has four areas: the research, getting in touch with your physical body and how it feels, movement/fitness and nutrition.
  • Maybe your child has a learning disability and you’ve become a strong advocate. As a result, they are having a much better time at school socially, emotionally and academically. Now, they're doing great. This example has at least 5 successes: you’ve researched this particular disability, your communication skills, your advocacy, your parenting skills and relationships with your family.
  • Changing careers.
  • Moved to a new country.
  • Perhaps you shop in vintage clothing stores and you always look authentically fabulous and you spend way less money on your wardrobe.
  • You always meet the most interesting people at networking events.
  • Learned to meditate to manage your stress,
  • Read a book a week and you always are learning new things.
  • Maybe you're that person who there's always money left over at the end of the month

Do you see how after a while, all the things you do seem like second nature?

Step #3: Don’t discount what you’ve learned and your natural talents

I often hear of people who do amazing things, but because they've done it for a while they shrug and say “it's no big deal”.

Before you shrug those things off, remember this. The skills, talents, expertise that you have learned and what you can do may not be a big deal for you, but it may be a huge deal for somebody else that you can help.

Don't think that they're no big deal because you already know how to do them.

Step #4: Dig Deeper

Grab your list of a hundred skills/wins/successes.

Go through it with a highlighter and highlight only the ones where you enjoyed yourself. Highlight the ones that were fun that you are always interested in. 

I know on that list there may be things that you can do, but you don't really like them.

Let's make sure that you're not building a business around something you may be very talented in, but you really don't enjoy.

Now revisit the ones that are highlighted, and choose 10. This is your choice.

For each of those 10, answer these questions:

  • What did I have to know?
  • What did I learn?
  • What skills did I improve?
  • What did I have to experience?
  • Who did I need to be?
  • What did I need to learn to do this thing?

Let me give you an example:

Say you're that person who always has money left over at the end of the month.

For you, if that's you, it might be completely normal. You might think of course I have money at the end of my month. Doesn't everybody?

The reality is that very few people live this way.

The skills you may in this area are:

  • You’re really comfortable with numbers.
  • You like to watch your finances. Maybe you keep an eye on your bank accounts so you know where your balance is all the time.
  • You have a particular fun and easy way of budgeting.
  • Quarterly you like to sit down and review your finances because you feel like then your life is in order and you know what's coming up and you know what you've done. You know how close you are to being able to do something new and exciting in your life.
  • You like to figure out the best credit cards. Which one has the best interest rate, and which one has the best reward program.
  • You are the kind of person who really values having less financial stress.

Step #5: Find The Themes

Take your growing list of areas you enjoy and the skills, behaviours, values and attitude you have around them and step back.

Begin looking for a pattern. Look for themes.

Maybe the theme is “I value having more money and the freedom that it gives me” or “abundance and money mindset”.

So maybe one of the niches, this area of expertise is a good fit for you. One of the places where you could focus on is on money management or as an abundance coach.

This is one example where become a go-to expert based on your life experience and your passions.

Step #6: Experts Are Not Static

When you claim your expertise regardless of your skill, experience and knowledge you will continue to always be learning more. Experts read new books, blogs, and watch videos. They take classes.

They are continually expanding their knowledge, growing their skillset and practising what they’re learning.

Step #7: Healthy Comparisons

I’m not talking about the comparison from a competitive standpoint. Healthy comparison means that there is no all-knowing in any field.

There will be many experts in the field that you choose and that's good.

Some are a little bit ahead. Maybe they know a little bit more, some of them maybe know a little bit less, but they still have their own life experience. There is enough room and enough opportunity for many experts.

Your experience will show up in a completely different way. There are people who will resonate with you and your message. It's wonderful because you could have two money coaches for instance or two abundance coaches, but because they brought their individual life experiences or a different approach to the same material, you can help different sets of people.

Step #8: Teach What You Learn

As you practice what you’re learning and share it with your clients this is how you continue to build your mastery, to build your expertise over time.

Step #9: Share Your Opinion

Thank goodness you have a different opinion than another expert.

This is your topic and there are people who need to hear your opinion, who you're really going to resonate with.

The more you show up in your coaching practice, the more visible you are. And the more open you are to share your opinion means you're going to be so much more attractive to the clients that are looking for your help.

Step #10: Claim It

Claim your expertise. Say, “that's it. I've done the work. I know I'm always interested in your topic”.

Yes, there are other things in your life that you’re interested in. But you've got to claim one thing, or you will confuse people with your marketing message.

  • Place it on your website.
  • When you speak to people say it.
  • Use it when you describe what you do and who you help.
  • Put it on your social media bios.

Claim this is what you do, this is your area of expertise. Be vocal and visible.

Comment below...tell me what you're claiming as your expertise. I want to hear from you. 

If you're just getting started and you need some help, download a copy of my top freebie, 147 Proven Niches for Coaches and Wellness Professionals,  it will help you get started.

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