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Parent Coach Lakeshia Bell Ep :035



Improve Your Family Relationships Through Parent Coaching with Lakeshia Bell Episode 35:

Today’s episode I’m joined by parent and life coach, Lakeshia Bell of Elements of Life Coaching.  We talk about how her passion for children and families sparked her initial career of social work and eventually growth into coaching parents.

What I found to be true about Lakeshia is this, she's passionate. And she has a deep love to help families overcome challenges. And to strengthen that family unit. When we change the trajectory of families, of the lives of the moms, dads, and children, we create a lasting impact on the world, by healing, these relationships, strengthening, parenting, growing communication skills. It helps our kids be bigger, better, healthier, both mentally and physically. And this is how we change the world. She has got a huge heart and a big mission, and she's already making a massive impact on the lives of the people that she works with.

It's interesting that she's also chosen to expand and be a coach which further cements her commitment to the lives of the people that she helps.

Now, when we met, she was midway through her coach training and she was excited to get started, but she didn't have any paying clients. She is one of my private clients, and this is exactly what we worked on together. She learned how to sign her first paying clients.

That is one of the biggest hurdles. Most new coaches face every coach dreams of making a positive impact on the world. And this is only really possible once they get paying clients. So this is a big deal, and it's one of the reasons that I focus on this area with new coaches.

I really enjoyed speaking with her and I know you’ll learn something from her journey. Enjoy this conversation.  Plus, sign up for my FREE resource library it’s a full vault of resources for coaches. It’s called The Coaches Online Business Academy. Listen to find out how.

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