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Ask The Experts: Mastering Your Coaching Journey: Essential Tips for New Coaches Ep 156



Ask The Experts: Mastering Your Coaching Journey: Essential Tips for New Coaches Ep 156

Episode Description

Join me and a group of experts as we collectively discuss our top tips and number one thing all new coaches should avoid.  

This group of experts brings their personal and professional knowledge and experience combined with  a history of success in business, and I know you will find their insight and experience valuable.


Featured on This Show:

My Guests: 

Donna Fairhurst:  Challenge refines or defines you! Surviving & thriving through blindness, polio, divorce, bankruptcy, and “YOYO TO GOD” near-death experiences, empowers Donna Fairhurst to live and coach from Zero to Clarity Principles to pivot from NO WHERE to NOW HERE. HUMAN BEING versus HUMAN DOING is a choice. Choose NOW HERE!



Elisa Boogaerts: Elisa is the founder of Inspiration By Elisa, a Transformational Speaker, and a certified Life Coach and Health Coach who specializes in confidence. Elisa’s passion is to help people confidently be themselves, realise their own worth and boost their self-confidence to go after what they want in their life. Her mission is to empower people to make a positive change in their lives so they can be happy.



Mia Moran: Mia Moran is a mom of three and coach who has struck her perfect balance between motherhood, wellness and work. She supports high achieving, female entrepreneurs, who are overwhelmed with the “life” and “wellness” pieces, find their version of balance. She is the host of the PlanSimple podcast, bestselling author of PlanSimple Meals, and creator of the FLOW Planning Method, the FLOW Planner, and FLOW365.

Website: https://plansimple.com


Monique McDonald: Before you appear on a podcast, give your next presentation or have a sales conversation, you might want to talk to Monique McDonald. MONIQUE is an award-winning, Grammy-nominated, Opera Singer and certified Conscious Transformational Coach. As an International Singer, Speaker and Emcee, Monique has a knack for making meaningful connections with audiences and helps others do the same with her unique coaching style. Known as the Magnetic Voice Mentor, Monique inspires entrepreneurs to develop their message and make a big impact to strengthen and elevate their stage presence, confidence, and mastery of expression. What if your next professional conversation or presentation could take your business - and yourself - to unprecedented levels? Are you ready to Unleash YOUR Magnetic Voice?



Nancy O'Keefe: Nancy OKeefe is a Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist and intuitive business coach, who helps women entrepreneurs peel back the layers of who they have been taught to be and how they have been conditioned to do business so they can build a business that feeds their soul. Nancy is an author, a certified Executive Coach from the College of Executive Coaching and holds an MBA from Babson College in Entrepreneurship.

Website: Www.NancyOKeefeCoaching.com

Social: Facebook.com/NancyOKeefeHumanDesignBizCoach

Nina Macarie:  a visibility expert helping female entrepreneurs get more visibility and connect with dream clients through podcast interviews. She is the creator of the P.I.T.C.H. podcasts framework, helping clients pitch themselves to the right podcasts with ease and confidence in an authentic way. After sending hundreds and hundreds of podcast pitches and also seeing what kinds of pitches are put out in the world, Nina knows exactly what elements to include in a successful pitch. Not only did she get amazing feedback from her successfully booked clients but she also impressed the podcast hosts to whom she pitched. Today, Nina’s mission is to help female online entrepreneurs, coaches, course creators, consultants, and podcasters get an amazing first impression as they start spreading their messages on other people’s platforms.



Susan Butler: As a Certified Financial Planner™ with over 30 years of experience in various aspects of the financial industry, and as a Certified Life Mastery Consultant, Susan helps women entrepreneurs develop an empowering relationship with money and finance so they can realize more prosperity, clarity, confidence, success and financial freedom. Some of the keys include mindset, paradigms, vision, perspective and practical knowledge. Susan has been called a Financial Therapist.



Wendy Cocke:  Author of “Making Flex Work: Defining Success on Your Own Terms” is a chemical engineer by training and spent over 20 years in Fortune 500 companies leading technical teams across time zones, borders, and languages. As a working mother, Wendy Cocke has defined success on her own terms according to her personal values. About 10 years into her career, when her oldest child was still an infant, Wendy pursued a flexible work arrangement. She was told that while the company supported her desire to pull back, her career would stall and she would never move up in the organization. However, her successful negotiation of flexible working arrangements did not slow her career trajectory and eventually led her to publish a #1 bestselling book to teach others they can do the same. Prior to leaving corporate life in early 2022, Wendy spent over 20 years leading international technical teams in Fortune 500 companies in R&D, Supply Chain and Manufacturing organizations.


Social: https://linkedin.com/in/wendy-anderson-cocke

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