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Networking with a Heart: Jaclyn Zoccoli on Creating Authentic Alliances Ep 205


Networking with a Heart: Jaclyn Zoccoli on Creating Authentic Alliances Ep 205

Join me, as I sit down with the exceptional Jaclyn Zoccoli for an enlightening conversation about the art of networking and building influential relationships. Jackie, a seasoned network builder and a catalyst for global change, shares her unique approach to creating meaningful connections that transcend the typical networking experience. Tune in as we delve into Jackie's journey from desktop publishing to transforming communities worldwide through her Global Impact Network.



  1. Jackie's Unique Networking Philosophy: Discover how Jackie’s approach to networking goes beyond mere transactions, focusing instead on forming strategic alliances and genuine relationships.


  1. The Importance of Knowing Your Value: Jackie emphasizes the significance of understanding one’s own skills and expertise to effectively navigate and influence your professional network.


  1. Building Intentional Relationships: Learn how to engage with others authentically, ensuring that every interaction has the potential to be mutually beneficial.


  1. The Power of Listening and Empathy: Jackie discusses the crucial role of active listening and empathy in networking, allowing for deeper connections and understanding.


  1. From Impact of One Conversation: We discuss the profound impact one conversation can have. You’re going to want hear this inspiring story.


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Jaclyn Zoccoli

“My age justifies my wisdom. My developed clarity teaches the Excitement of Awareness and ignites the spark of action and change.”

A catalyst for spontaneous combustion - planted the seed of her global reach while in Liberia, West Africa in the Peace Corps. That seed meandered through a corporate career in Silicon Valley into her own businesses – first in Desktop Publishing, then in Network Coaching. After developing 10 networking groups in the Bay Area, she and husband Steve moved to Arizona.

The seed began to bloom when she was told she would “change humanity”. It became apparent quickly through interactions with several groups that her destiny was to use her networking expertise to provide resources to developing communities globally. Eventually Manifesting Global Solutions Group built powerful answers for Literacy ( app), Wellness, Environmental Sustainability, and Employment. Her passion to increase love, prosperity, peace and sustainability worldwide is being felt through the networks she empowers. The entire picture is called the Global Impact Network.




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