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Embrace Acceptance: The First Step to Coaching Success Ep 204



We’re diving into the She Coaches Coaches vault, to share with you one of our most popular past episodes. Whether you’re a long-time listener or new to the podcast, get ready to enjoy a fresh perspective in your new listening space.

In this solo episode, I dive into the first element of my Confident Coaches Success Framework: acceptance of yourself and your current reality. True acceptance is not about complacency but about acknowledging your current state without resistance, which sets the foundation for meaningful change. I share personal stories and powerful insights to encourage you to embrace self-acceptance as a key step toward personal and professional growth.



  1. Introduction to the Confident Coaches Success Framework: Candy introduces her five-component framework designed to help coaches overcome mindset challenges.


  1. Deep Dive into Acceptance: A detailed exploration of the first element, 'acceptance of yourself and your current reality,' and how it differs from passive complacency.


  1. Personal Anecdotes on Acceptance: Candy shares personal stories, including her journey from engineering to coaching, illustrating the power of acceptance in overcoming past regrets.


  1. Importance of Self-Compassion: Emphasizing the need for self-compassion and kindness, and how focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses can lead to personal and professional growth.


  1. Encouragement for Self-Acceptance: Candy encourages listeners to embrace self-acceptance to release self-judgment, feel lighter, and more relaxed.

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Correction: This episode refers to "The Model." I'd like to rectify any errors or omissions by giving proper attribution and credit to the originators, Dr. Albert Ellis, who formulated REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy), and Dr. Aaron Beck, who incorporated it into CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). "The Model" and references to CTFAR should be more accurately referred to as "The CBT Model." CBT is a widely recognized and effective approach that helps individuals understand how their thought processes impact their daily lives.

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