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Mindset Shifts and Self-Care: Transforming Health with Jennifer Dent Brown Ep 203


Episode 203 Mindset Shifts and Self-Care: Transforming Health and Coaching with Jennifer Dent Brown

Episode Description:

A compelling conversation with Jennifer Dent Brown, a certified health and life coach, and the founder of the Stop Dieting Forever movement. Jennifer shares her personal journey from struggling with weight issues to disrupting the diet industry with her holistic wellness approach. Candy and Jennifer dive deep into the mindset shifts required for lasting health, the importance of self-care for entrepreneurs, and practical strategies for overcoming fear and self-doubt. Tune in to discover actionable insights and tips to transform your health and coaching business.



  1. Jennifer's Personal Journey: Jennifer shares her transformation from struggling with weight issues to becoming a holistic health coach dedicated to helping women stop dieting forever.

  2. Mindset Shift from Dieting to Holistic Wellness: The importance of shifting from traditional dieting to a more holistic wellness approach for lasting health.

  3. Overcoming Fear and Self-Doubt: Jennifer explains practical strategies for managing fear and self-doubt, which Candy relates to experiences in the coaching industry.

  4. The Role of Self-Care in Business Success: We explore how prioritizing self-care practices can enhance well-being and effectiveness as a coach.

  5. Identity as a Health-Conscious Entrepreneur: Both discuss the value of developing an identity as an entrepreneur who values health, and how it impacts both business and personal life.

  6. Reframing Limiting Beliefs: We delve into recognizing and reframing limiting beliefs to create positive, lasting change.

  7. Cultivating Awareness Through Journaling: The conversation highlights the benefits of journaling and reflection for cultivating awareness and transforming mindset.

  8. Takeaways for Prioritizing Health: Candy and Jennifer offer practical steps and tips to help listeners start prioritizing their health and well-being, aiding personal and professional growth.

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 Jennifer Dent Brown

Jennifer is a diet-industry disruptor. As a certified Health and Life Coach, host of a widely popular podcast, and founder of the weight loss process, Stop. Dieting. Forever.™, she is freeing women all over the world from their dependency on diets to lose weight for the last time. Join her f.r.e.e. email club, Forever Well, for tips on how to Stop. Dieting. Forever. and improve your wellness at



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